Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 9: August 2023 -

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This is a gorgeous dress. I love this particular shade and she accessorises it beautifully.
Pretty and princessy dress, very Madeleine. Love her choice of earrings.
Oh my goodness, Madeleine looks stunning! Beautiful gown and jewels.
On one hand I must say that the Princess looked wonderful in the blue Emilia Wickstead dress and she was easily one of the best dressed ladies in the Jenny Packham gown.
On the other hand it would have been great for her to showcase Swedish fashion by wearing Swedish labels for these high profile events.
Princess Madeleine's look for the jubilee concert yesterday, September 16, was wonderful:

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Two lovely appearances from Madeleine. Blue is definitely her colour.
A really lovely look on Princess Madeleine at the World Childhood Foundation 2023 Gala in New York City.
A pretty gown, although the cleavage is too open and I don't like it for a princess. I just hope that she would recycle her clothes more. She has so many beautiful gowns she could have worn at this event instead of a new one.

At a seminar earlier yesterday at the UN Madeleine had also a new dress, which top part/blazer doesn't look good.
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Her makeup at the evening event was so different I didn’t recognize her.
Hair in a lovely updo, stunning and divine dress, lovely accessories, good posture. So beautiful. She looked great in light blue outfits but dark blue is also her color.
Stunning dress. What a fabulous pair of earrings.
A really lovely appearance by Princess Madeleine :previous:
Princess Madeleine at a concert on the occasion of the Queen Silvia's 80th Birthday in Stockholm this evening:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Was surprised not to see a dress but Princess Madeleine looked really lovely.
Princess Madeleine looks lovely as usual.
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I don't like Madeleine's outfit at all, especially her pants are ugly. And I wish she would have done something to her hair.

It is a nice outfit for an Advent Service in my opinion.
Madeleine yesterday at the Church of Sweden in Florida's 1st Advence Service in Scandinavian Church and Center in Davie.
There is too much going on at this outfit.

Princess Madeleine looked really lovely for the Church Service.
A casual but nice look on Princess Madeleine in Miami
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