Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 6: February 2015 - June 2016

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Welcome to Part 6 of the thread for Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style!

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** Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 5: May 2013 - February 2015 **

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I really like the dress and her look but the tiara kinda ruined the look. Wish she wore another tiara instead.
i really dont like this satin gown on Madeleine - i tend to prefer a lighter material that flows freely for a pregnant evening dress. Cant even begin to comment on how awful the tiara looks the way she styled it tonight - i think that the tiara was probably worn like a headband way bacl when it existed in the early 1900s as per fashion but it didnt work on Madeleine
I actually liked the dress, but I thought it looked too big on her, even if she's pregnant. And speaking of that - shouldn't this technically be "Princess Madeleines maternity wear"? :)

It was decided during her first pregnancy that an extra thread wasn't needed. If you compare how quickly other fashion threads are filled, you'll see the difference. Madeleine's last fashion thread covered nearly two years, while other royal ladies' fashion choices fill 2-5 threads a year! :)
Lovely gown but the tiara sort of ruins the look.
While I don't go crazy over the gown, I still think its the best look compared to Sofia & Victoria (tiara aside).
I am not normally a fan of M style but i like this and I love this and I love the tiara the colour of the gown is really lovely on her.
I most surely am in the minory but i liked the dress! It may be a little frumpy but that's ok for a maternity dress...
I thought she looked lovely. I loved the color of the gown on her. I agree that the tiara did her no favors...
I love both pieces individually, but am not sure if I'm loving them together. I don't know, the coat seems a little strange with the dress, since the dress is lacy and the coat appears to be rather clunky. But it looked like it was quite cold and windy, so I guess it was fine.
I agree wit you Hereditary Princess! The coat and dress worn together seem mismatched somehow... Maybe she should have worn a coat with a straight line..
Overall, I think her outfit is nice and professional. I like the colours, Madeleine looks good in them.
She's as pretty as always, but her pants are too short!
I agree it was a very regal and elegant look on Princess Madeleine today at the Vatican.
Madeleine looked elegant and perfect, as did her husband. And their little girl is delicious!:p
I don't have much to say about her outifit, since it was all black and decorous as to according the protocol... But she really dressed up effortlessy perfect, without making any gaffe:flowers:
April 30, 2015 - Madeleine in a lovely coat matched with nude pumps attending the King's birthday outside the palace

Apart from the unkind grimace, she looks very elegant!
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