Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 5: May 2013 - February 2015

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Ι have not seen yet the headpiece. Is there a photo showing it clearly?
Really is not the dress for her. I don't even like the color on her. It would be a wonderful dress for someone who is terribly underweight, with a boyish figure to create some curves. She already has a great figure, and this overemphasizes it.
I keep staring at her bustline...not a great design.
I agree. The cut and fabric is all wrong. (not a shiny fabric person). And the color is not good. And the hair accessory is just awful.
Horrible dress..I don't like the colour, the fabric and it looks terrible on her!!!bad choice...

That dress and that colour would be perfetct, she has risk too mucht and that doesn't turn out good!
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Not a flattering choice. I agree with most posters, the dress is not for Madeleine and the headpiece - OMG!
Out of all the designer dresses she could have worn, she chose a very unflattering "gangrene" color dress. What was she thinking!
Hope her wedding dress would be a wonderful surprise! I'am thinking of a lace dress but...I don't know...lets wait and see!
I'm in the minority but I love the dress. I'm sure without the flashes the fabric was fine.

And the headpiece was different, but not ugly.
I didn't think it was too terrible. And Chris smiled in one of the photos! Who knew he had it in him?!?
Official pictures released today. My first reaction was "oh no". Even though the dress fits well, do not think the color or the large lacy overlay/peplum is for her.
Don't like the way the applique lays on the material, especially on the bustline.
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:previous: I would love to see a full length photo of Madeleine's dress. The cut of the bodice and the lace overlay is designed to show her figure to it's greatest advantage. The way it draws down to a surprisingly small waist is further enhanced by the peplum or skirt below. That is why I would love to see the rest of the dress. Is it elegant, balanced, and is the bottom of the gown as lovely as the top?
The dress would be a good dress for the mother of the bride, not a 30-year old woman. The bustline looks odd. The photos give a strong feeling of an american housewife, not a swedish princess. And the diamond brooch on her waist is more suitable for a 17-year old girl.
Anyone knows which designer belongs to that green dress? (or is it mint?) I want to see the full view of it.
Green is the colour!! I really don t like the dress again, terrible choice again!
I like the green dress she looks very pretty they are a good looking couple.
I really love the lacey number on her ... the mint very pretty IMO she looks very nice.
Gorgeous dress! Love the color and the lace details. Madeleine looks so beautiful.
The cut of the bodice and the lace overlay is designed to show her figure to it's greatest advantage(...) That is why I would love to see the rest of the dress. Is it elegant, balanced, and is the bottom of the gown as lovely as the top?
Pressrum - Sveriges Kungahus [NS4 version] The couple picture in högupplöst format shows at least a bit of the skirt part. I am really impressed. That lace overlay approximately forms an X (even if leaves jut out quite charmingly), hence emphasizes Princess Madeleine's hourglass silhouette. I.m.o. this dress appears very well balanced -I think lace should normally play the role of a decoration and not overwhelm a garment.
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The dress she wore for the pre dinner was okay but not in My taste
What has happened to Madeleine, she used to have wonderful dresses a couple of years ago? Nowadays she has had some really bad choices. That horrible Pär Engsheden dress at the banns didn't suit her at all, and now this Elie Saab. It isn't her style, there is too much happening at the dress and her shoes are superugly and don't match with the dress at all. I would like to also sometimes see a great updo on her and not always these loose curls. I expected a "wow"-factor from her, but this is far from that.
I like this dress however I think is a bit too long and she doesn t feel confortable with it walking
I like the dress she looks good in it. The shoes are not right with this dress I know she was trying to pick the gold but no. I'm glad she didn't go for a barbie gown.
Kinda disappointed in her choice of dress. The dress is really tacky in my opinion and the shoes are awful. The only thing I like about this look are the earrings.
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