Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 4: December 2011 - May 2013

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Opening of Parliament look was very nice, very correct.
Absolutely abhor the blue dress, I think it is the black hose w/it that's terrible.
Her hair looks very nice.
Madeleine looked nice at the day, but her platform shoes were ugly.
Back view

In the evening the dress is totally wrong for her. It made her look much bigger than she really is, it certainly did not flatter her body. The colour doesn't suit her and the flare on the dress doesn't look good at this colour. If she didn't have had the black tights, she would have looked much better. Her shoes are lovely of course.
tank you for the close up picture love the new earring
The blue dress is beautiful but doesn't look good with the black hose.

What's up with the green wristband?
The daytime outfit was perfect, very similar to Victoria's though.
I quite the blue dress, she looks lovely!
Well except for the black tights I love the blue dress! Don't know exactly what's up with the green wristband though :)
The black and white outfit is very classic and sophisticated. The blue dress is nice but the black hose does not look good with it.
She looks very pretty. Interesting shade of green but it works with her beautiful brown hair.
To me this has always been one of the ugliest evening gowns Madeleine has ever had. The shade of green is odd and it shows too much cleavage. The silver lace at the top makes the gown tacky. Madeleine is a beautiful woman and she doesn't need this kind of showstopper as a dress.
I liked the dress better on her when she was a blond, here in 2008.
I think the green works well with her brown hair, but there's a tad too much cleavage on show. A smidgen less showy and I'd adore this look.
I love the color but not a fan of the silver lace with it.
Agree about the cleavage, disagree about everything else. The silver is subdued and light and lovely; the green is rich and pairs much better with her brown hair.
I just don't like this gown brunette or blond ... it is just not flattering IMO she can do better
Full view

I think it looked a little better on her as a blonde. However, when evening dresses are designed with voluminous chiffon and little lace overlays like this there is an inherent danger of it ending up looking like an elegant nightdress. Match it with a really bad case of bedroom hair and you have a total bust!

Now if Madeleine had sported a very elegant and very feminine up do then she might just have been able to pull this off. Unfortunately she didn't!

Oh dear! How sad! Never mind!

Princess Madeleine in a nice short dress at the 5th annual Swedish-American Chamber Of Commerce Green Summit in New York City today, October 3, 2012. This shade of green looks very nice on her:

** Pic **
Princess Madeleine looks so pretty , liked her dress very simple & very nice color looks so nice with her eyes color , she looks perfect
Really lovely style on her I am still not crazy about the colour on her but she looks great in that classic cut.
The dress during the day was beautiful, I love the colour and it suited Madeleine well.
Madeleine at the The Royal Gala Award Dinner at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City.
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Side view
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Back view
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I don't like this dress at all. The colour isn't the best possible for Madeleine, the dress is a mess with too much of everything. It makes her look much taller than she really is and the back view surely isn't flattering at all.
I really love the dress but I really dislike the cleavage. There was a historical period when it was considered polite to show cleavage like this, but today is not that period, not for royals who want respect. I guess this is an odd opinion I have...but I prefer the royals who are modest.
Wow, Halloween is approaching fast! Madeleine looked so pretty in the green dress, the evening dress is plain awful!
Not too sure what she was thinking wearing the evening dress but the daytime dress was a winner.
Thank goodness I'm not alone in thinking that the gala dress was just a "hot mess". The fit & style were just awful on Madeleine. The sleeves were way too big and the rest was just way too tight and sheer. Hope we never see this one again. I can only hope that it was on loan and she didn't purchase it.
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