Princess Mabel's Fashion and Style Part 1: November 2006 - September 2021

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Mabel looks great to me. A simple dress and coat, no ruffles or bows, nothing fussy. The outfit suits her.:flowers:
Mabel looks good. I like the outfit. The colors suit her well. Great legs too.
I liked Princess Mabel's recent outfit too. The dress is very beautiful and I also loved her shoes! Black & white is always a great and safe combination.
I just can't believe she would think this is in any appropiate has something happen or been put in her water this is a nonsense or is someone making a joke out of her.
Really really awful. I mean, worst candidate of the year outfit. I'm not sure when an official visit for a princess would ever call for a JUMPSUIT. Not stylish or modern or young or all the words people use to justify princesses having no style. Please!!! You are honoring your wonderful Queen with the people. Show some respect, class or something. I will stop now!!
I just thought: "what's that?" Really. Could it get more inappropriate? :nonono:
Princess Mabel has no style, I think that's part of her problem. I can't count the number of times I've seen photos of her at official events where she's dressed just.....I don't even know what. Either it's too small, too big, wrinkled, poor fabric, poor color combination....some combo of all's always something.

Does she have a stylist or someone who works with her or does she dress herself? Because if she has a stylist she needs to fire them and if she doesn't, she needs to get one.
Princess Mabel does it again... (((sigh))) terrible outfit. I don't know what she was thinking.
Ha Ha Ha. That is one of the funniest things I have seen in ages. The Dutch princes really did manage to marry girls with some funny style didn't they. Maxima just about gets away with it, but Laurentien and Mabel make cock up after cock up. This is unflattering, inappropriate and far too young for her. In every possible way, wrong... but also hilarious!
I think Queen Beatrix needs to have a press review with her daughter-in-laws and let them see how terrible this years outfits were. Maybe convince them to invest in a stylist.

Mabel's outift this year is just as bad as Maxima's purple cookie monster get-up. I wonder what the queen thought when she saw her...
I wonder if the Dutch people thought this look was as awful as we did?
Don't think so, have you seen some of the public's costumes? I may pan the Princesses outfits each year, but they are having fun with the people and especially this year.:flowers:
The 2007 outfit is probably the most appropriate and decent for this event.
I don't think it is so suits her

i agree with you, and she has a good body for it. I liked the outfit, just something totally different, to have a day of fun. Why always wear something The People want?
She looks good with the jumpsuit, and this is very difficult!
But imo is not appropiate for this event
IMO all in all her fashion decisions are a disaster but she is sterling company most of her in-laws seem to be hit with the same bug
Now this is what I would call 'celebrity look'. And very low actually, a la Lady GaGa, for example... I'm sorry, she looks awful. JMO
She reminds me of a spanish socialite which is not a good thing at all. The dress is ok, but how she has styled it makes the whole outfit awful.
This Mabel's outfit is just gross.:eek:
Mabel likes to dance to a totally different drummer when it comes to fashion.
Lots of royals pose for pictures.
She not showing skin, her hair is being blown in the wind and she's wearing sunglasses because it's sunny. I don't see whats the problem. Except the tights.
I don't know how someone can say she looks like Lady Gaga.
I do like Mabel's shoes! Her earrings and the bracelets have been worn by both Queen Beatrix and Princess Maxima. All in all Mabel was supporting the fight against AIDS/HIV and I admire her for her efforts no matter what she wears.:flowers:
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