Princess Mabel's Fashion and Style Part 1: November 2006 - September 2021

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They certainly do these days!1 But I remember an article about Laurentien in Elsevier that says that in the beginning her friends were surprised by how conservative Laurentien looked and that it took her some effort to 'break free' from these advices of courtiers.

I agree with you, never a dull moment ideed, though I personally could have managed perfectly without the over-excitement in bows of dear Mabel.

And you are right, no Dutch royal lady can beat Princess Aimee in elegance. I don't believe she ever had an off day.
I would like Mabel's red high heels if they weren't platforms. If they had a thin heel and sole then ooh la la for me! Of course I'm a shoe person. Marengo, you are right about Mabel's position and it does leave her with more freedom to experiment with different styles. Princess Aimee is always spot on for chic and elegant.
at Princess Ariane baptism Saturday Oct 20, 2007

what can i say ?! the collar reminds me a clowns outfit & i think its ill fitting but it wont be Mabel if she doesnt go wild at such events would it

Close up 1
close up 2
full view
side view
:eek:Yuck! That is ugly. It looks like a prissy female clowns outfit.
I agree if she would have left the collar off it would look good in fact, I like it minus the collar. There are quite a few outfits that are quite nice that Mabel has had if she would just leave them as they are and not have additional touches added, then they're silly looking.
I agree she would have looked lovely without the ruffles. The color was beautiful on her.
as ridiculous as it looked, i liked mabel's outfit yesterday at the baptism. i know, it was completely inappropriate for such a formal ocassion, but it would have looked so trendy in another situation! without those shoes, though, which were, imo, the tackiest thing ever, with the high heel covered in black stars - eek. they looked alright when seen from the front, but the back part was horrendous.

nevertheless, i think i'm starting to like mabel's style. i hated her wedding dress, but i think she evolved a little bit and now looks very trendy most of the times. wasn't the 40th birthday of willem-alexander's dress simply gorgeous?

other various outfits of mabel...

a big fashion miss - tacky, once again
grey dress matched with white shirt - quite adorable, imo
an elegant outfit in budapest
at leonore's christening - inappropriate colour, but lovely shoes
back to the 80's
a great red jacket
another nice jacket
black jacket, turquoise skirt and shoes
very viktor and rolf for alexia's christening
green cocktail dress
same black jacket as before and pink skirt
i loved the jacket
two of my favourite dresses of her 1, 2
Gosh that outfit at the christening was really strange I just don't know how to put it any other way. Her fashion chioces are so hit and miss yes the wedding dress was sooo weird is all that can be said and so it just goes on. Can't someone help her!?
I may be the only one who actually enjoy's her fashion choices in which is obviopusly expressing herself.

Nonetheless, I have no clue as to what her statement is; however, Mabel sure isn't dull and for that I will give her credit.:)

Maybe Mabel enjoys the comments some of her outfits and accessories bring her - maybe she just likes to shock.
Whatever - I think she's fun.
She was very elegant in an outfit either in Budapest or Prague. Hair upswept, beautiful jewellery, black cocktail dress with its own coat. Just perfect. Also the jacket and dress she wore on Queens Day.
Well, I guess for the first time Mabel has looked well put together, I mean no hidioues outfit, no ribbons etc.
Im not fan of black & white, I find the skirt being a bit too short but overall its not a bad look. I love the heels!!!
Not bad. Mabel's outfit looks, well, normal. I'm surprised. Could this be a turning point when it comes to her fashion choices? I hope not. I like her funky style; she's never boring.:flowers:
Princess Mabel attended the Amsterdam Diner hosted by the Aids Foundation in the Heineken Music Hall.

the dress
the hair
the shoes
It's not very "princessy", but this 60's style really suits her.
Wow! She looks very elegant. The dress is simple, but it looks so lovely on her.
Princess Mabel chose the classic outfit, maybe that's way it's looks so perfect and elegant!)))
The dress is ok, not great but not bad either. The black leather gloves are a bit too much though. Her hair & make are nice and not overdone.
i'm in love with this black dress (and matching shoes) mabel wore at the birthday of pieter, magriet's husband.
i'm in love with this black dress (and matching shoes) mabel wore at the birthday of pieter, magriet's husband.

I like this dress too. It's one of the more tasteful things that I have seen Mabel wear. I think that the shoes have a bit too much going on with them and would look better with a few less adornements. I definitely think that is one of her better outfits.
I like the dress, but I think the shoes are a bit much. The top of the dress is very pretty, and she looks elegant (minus the shoes, IMO).
i'm in love with this black dress (and matching shoes) mabel wore at the birthday of pieter, magriet's husband.

The shoes are so beautiful, the dress is stunning on Mabel aswell.
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