Princess Märtha Louise's Fashion and Style Part 2: October 2012 -

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I really like this dress. It sparkled so much on stage, and who doesn't love a bit of sparkle?
I like very much her sparkling dress. Nice color that suits her well.
BTW she does look like Queen Sonia very much.
Lovely sparkly dress on Princess Märtha Louise on the second last day of Christmas!

A nice, glittering look for Princess Märtha Louise at a Norwegian TV show today:

** Photos **
Martha Louise looks gorgeous and I'll bet the look was even better in real life!

A nice repeated look for Märtha Louise who participated in a Finnish TV show:

** Full view **

Märtha Louise wearing a velvet dress and beautiful earrings in Helsinki today:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Not sure about the leather jacket with the skirt but Martha Louise looks good nevertheless.
The outfit was a mess the leather jacket and the gruesome looking shoes were my worst.

Märtha Louise looking great at the wedding of Princess Alexandra in Denmark yesterday:

** Full view **

And at a workshop in Copenhagen today, May 19:

** Full view ** Upper part **
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Martha Louise looks good at the wedding. I like how she's wearing a smart but casual outfit though still manages to look fairly formal. Not so sure about her second outfit, though, but I'm not a fan of either clothing item individually, so certainly not together.
Nice outfit… pity for the show…. well love is love

I like the coat and earrings. Not so much a fan of the trousers.
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