Princess Märtha Louise To Marry Ari Behn

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Feb 20, 2003
United States
The engagement of Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn took place December 13, 2001 at the Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway.

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Engagement pictures from Polfoto.


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Official engagement pictures by Scanpix.


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Official Engagement.

1 to 3. ANB pictures.
4 to 5. Alloverpress pictures.
6. Someone left a heart of burning candles in front of the palace for Märtha and Ari. Alloverpress picture


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LaMinka said:
Not very positive...

Like how? Were they actually saying things about him, or just acting in a certain way?
Ari Got what I would call a mixed reception ranging from positive to negative IMO the feelings was not as strong since he was marrying the second in line and would not get any title. I remembered seeing the press conference and they were both very relaxed and very happy here is some of what was said on the press meeting
My translation from this Vg article and a little from a couple of other VG articles also

After they entered and the photographers had taken a lot of pictures Märtha was the first to speak

M: It has been written about me in the press lately that I’m radiating, and here is the man that makes me radiate, here is the man I want to live the rest of my life with (She gets very emotional and almost starts to cry, Ari kisses her on her cheek and holds her hand

Ari says he asked her to marry him at the royal lodge the day before, he had put lots of Märtha Lilly’s on the floor, he said he was nervous because you never know what answer you are going to get. Finally I got to say how happy I am and how fantastic my life with Märtha is

Q: What sides about each other do you appreciate most?

M: Ari is the person I know with the biggest heart, he is open to life, he is friendly, generous. He dears to go the whole way with me and stand by my side. he has strength and then he is very handsome, his weakest side is that he is not very technical

A: Märtha is a splendid beauty and a big heart, she gives love to the world (Ari always goes over the top with metaphors and big words but that is his style) She immediately saw my strengths and weaknesses, she is charming and sparkly

M: We complete each other and it is good to have different qualities

A: I have gotten a cornerstone in my life I did not have before, finally I have found the person I have been searching for a long time

They first met at Aris mother who is a friend of Märtha, Ari said he fell in love with her at once but Märtha did not

M: I have known her (Aris mother) for a long time and one day Ari was there, we met for like half an hour. I found him overrated, lots of laughter at the press conference (Ari was known before he met Märtha and the press had written a lot of positive things about him before it was known he was dating Märtha Louise)

M and A says the last year has been their best ever and that they could not leave without each other but because of a lot of rumours not only easy

M: My life with Ari is wonderful, but sometimes very painful because of a lot of rumours flying around. False rumours becomes truths in the media.

Q: Did you ever consider ending it

M: I don’t think that would be possible

A: It has been said and written a lot of things about me, but the rumours speaks for it selves they are a result of a one-dimensional media reality. I think I know myself good enough to fill the role as a royal consort

Q: did you ever experiment with drugs

A: I grew up in a protected home and my parents did not support any use of alcohol and drugs, when I grew up I did meet the problem in certain settings but I have never belonged to any such environment. It is obvious that it is much harder to grow up in today’s society than when I was young, and unfortunately many young people are very early exposed to drugs , because in certain environments it is a trend

None of them are disappointed Ari Behn will not have a Prince title.

M: It is a tradition in the Norwegian royal house (CF Ferner and Lorentzen) The King decides my title but I don’t mind being called Mrs Behn

M: We want to move out of central Oslo and live on the countryside, If anyone knows of a place just tell us

The couple has its own song but can’t remember the title and both refuses to hum/sing it to the press

M: Mum and Dad has always been open towards people, and said we may choose our partners our self, they have been very kind towards Ari

A: I hope being with Märtha can make me a better author, she gives me strength

Märtha says Ari is very fashionable and that he has inspired her to be more interested in clothes, Ari Inspires me, love is innovative and I renew myself

A: I don’t mind being a stay at home dad
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I don't like her purple dress.I thought the boots were not suitable for the event.Not a fan of the ring either.It's so boring.

Does anyome know how long they been together before their engagement?
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