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Well, in the caption, she wrote: ''Jeg har et mål om å gå utenfor komfortsonen hvertfall en gang i uken - blir ofte fler... Det gjorde jeg definitivt i podcasten til @allinsigurdgranmark. Jeg gjorde noe av det skumleste jeg vet, nemlig å være dønn ærlig og la det stå til. Takk for de trygge rammene og et lyttende øre som ikke dømte. Håper du kan tørre det samme.''

Translated to: ''I have a goal of going outside the comfort zone at least once a week - often happens more... I definitely did that in the podcast of @allinsigurdgranmark (Sigurd Granmark, public speaker and former leader of Adidas Norway). I did some of the ''scariest'' (not ''ugliest,'' as google translate will tell us) things I know, to be honest and let it stand. Thank you for the safe frames and a listening ear that did not judge. Hope you can dare to the same.''

And then to what she said in the short Instagram-clip from the podcast, where she spent 50-min talkling about criticism from the media, her ability to speak with angels and her ''high-sensitivity,'' etc.

She said: ''Du må være hvem du er ellers så blir du gjennomskuet.
Å leve i den boksen andre vil ha deg i. - Det fungerer ikke hvis du skal endre noe. Jeg tror at det er viktig å tørre, og viktig å stå i det. Jeg er jo ofte litt redd allikevel selv om jeg gjør det.''

Translated to: ''You must be who you are, otherwise it will be seen through (something the King has told her).
Living in a box others want you in. - That doesn't work if you want to change something. I think it's important to dare, and important to stand in it. I'm often a bit scared anyway, even if I do it.''

While the princess's struggle with her role and media criticism in view of her personality as a "highly sensitive person" is very much understandable and worthy of sympathy, I am sure there are also many positive conditions linked to being a princess. Has she discussed these as well in her many interviews?

Thank you! :flowers: Here's another photo of Märtha Louise at the Sports Gala 2019 tonight:

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She has the loveliest eyes.

I hope a copy of the article will be available online. I'd like to know what exactly she's influencing (no sarcasm intended.)
Day 2 in Davos for Märtha Louise today, January 22:

"My mom is my hero. She, along side many other women, have paved the way for us to be able to have the opportunities we have today"

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According to her latest post Märtha Louise is still in Davos today, January 25:

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Märtha Louise and Elisabeth Nordeng presented their latest book at the Body-Mind-Spirit Health Fair in Brøndby Hall in Brøndby, Denmark, today, February 2, and Märtha Louise shared a photo with another author:

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An another book launched this weekend in Denmak Princess Martha Louise with Elisabeth Nordeng the "Sensitive Children"

The Princess Martha Louise posted a beautiful sunrise in Norway picture!

When a reporter going to take a interview from Princess Martha Louise but have something else to his mind!

Princess Martha louise and the Valentine Day:

"Happy Valentine ��everyone. May love find you and knock on your door. May you find love and welcome it in. "
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Princess Märtha Louise appeared at a Norwegian TV show today.

She confirmed that she was single and asked whether she used the dating app Tinder, she said she didn't:

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I didn't realize Martha Louise was so into horses/riding. Lovely pictures, and video of the man working with the horse. ?

Princess Märtha Louise shared a lovely photo of herself from last night in London:

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Märtha Louise and Elisabeth Nordeng promoted their nbook 'Born Sensitive' at Otava in Helsinki, Finland today, March 20:

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Märtha Louise and Elisabeth Nordeng after an interview in Helsinki today:

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Märtha Louise visited a young scientist at Soka University of America in Aliso Viejo, California:

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It seems Moeko was the former babysitter of Märtha's daughters. What a wonderful role model for them. She's doing very impressive work at the university.

Märtha Louise sends some Easter greetings to her Instagram followers:

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