Princess Máxima is Pregnant for the 3rd time!

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I Dont Beatrix will Abdicate anytime soon if ever.
What wonderful news! Congratulations to the couple and their families!
congratulations to CP Willem and Maxima. I can't wait to se Amalia and Alexia with the baby. I hope everything will be alright for CP Maxima.
Goodness I'm so behind on everything... big congrats to Willem & Maxima. With two girls already I really do hope they have a boy.
Mee too! But I don't want Queen Beatrix abdicating . Not yet. I think it should be too soon. :)

hopefully and with this one pregnancy she does not have so many complications of health… And I am sure that it will have another beautiful baby. She is a woman very hard…
This is wonderful news! I am soooo happy!

With two girls already I really do hope they have a boy.
Congratulations to Maxima I hope they have a boy ! Because they already had two girls hi...hi...^__^
Congratulations to the happy couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:clap: :heart: :heart:
PrincessDianafan said:
If it is a boy, will he become the next crown prince?

No! Princess Amalia is definitely number 2 in the line of succession behind her father Willem-Alexander!
Enjoy the pregnancy maybe twins??

Just to see the smile on the faces of the couple.

What a good news

i dont think the queen will abdicate quickly so that willem alexander en maxima can settle maybe in a few year time
With the birth of a 3rd healthy daughter this thread can be closed.
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