Princess Louise and Princes Nicolas and Aymeric - News and Pictures 1

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Sooooo adorables!!! My fav is Nicolas and i still love Louise and her name!! ThanX for pix!! :)
Lovely pictures from the twins and there little sister thank you !
The same pics but they are so big, scan by me

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Two more.

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These 2 are really cute babies! Thanks for the pics Lucidu!! It was great to see this big, happy family! :D :)
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They look like fraternal twins. There's some subtle differences between the two, but for now, I can't tell which is which!
Incredible photos. All of them are very beautiful!
Thanks a lot!

It's Aymeric
and with Louise, it's Nicolas
Lucidu said:
It's Aymeric
and with Louise, it's Nicolas
Firstly; thank-you :D :) . Secondly, my god, louise looks so much like claire in that picture. Nicolas looks like claire as well. aymeric, in my opionion, looks like laurent.
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Today I bought the "Story" ( duth magazine ) with all the pictures of the photoshoot . The twins are so cute , just like their sister !
The picture were Louise is playing with her brothers who are laying on a blanket with their mom , is so adorable !:)
thanks for posting the pics! the boys are so cute! i especially like the pic where princess claire is snuggling with the twin that prince laurent is holding. does anyone know which baby is which in that pic?
Oh Catherine thank you so much for these photos of this family. The children are absolutely beautiful and look so cheery.
Louise really is a small version of Claire. She is just soooo cute! :wub:
And the expressions on Aymerics face are just priceless!
Thank you for sharing them, Catherine (and Chris too, of course :flowers:)
great great photos!!!!!!!!

the twins are absoluty cute!!!! The photos are the same that was published in point of vue?
I wondered, have the twins already been baptised? If not, is it known when they will be baptised and who their godparents are?
Louise is incredible photogenic. She will be as beautiful as her mummy in the future :)
Some more pictures of Louise
Source: story

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Marengo said:
I wondered, have the twins already been baptised? If not, is it known when they will be baptised and who their godparents are?

Has anyone any information on this? They are soon to be one year old. This is a bit unusual in a Catholic country not to have baptized the children. Any comments?
They are such a perfect looking family!

Cathérine Bergeyck said:
Here are more photos from this photoshoot, these are from Story (thanks to Chris for sending them to me!!)

I have no idea if the twins are allready baptized or not, but I don't remember seeing or hearing anything about it. The twins will celebrate their first birthday on December 13. It is kind of unusual for not baptizing the kids as babies, but then again, my own niece was baptized allongside her baby brother at the age of four.
It could very well be that Claire and Laurent decided to wait untill their first birthday, because of their rocky start. Another possibility is that the twins are allready baptized in private and nothing is known about it to the public.
Are Prince Nicolas and Prince Aymeric identical or fraternal twins?
Thank You~
lisa777 said:
:flowers::flowers:I think they are fraternal twins.
you could be right. they have different shaped heads. which one has the slightly longer head? besides the shape of their heads, i can't see any difference, though.
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