Princess Letizia's Eveningwear Part 9: August 2012 - October 2013

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Beautiful shade of green and a great style for her. This dress somehow reminds me of the Elie Saab couture fall 2013 green dresses but much softer. Her hair is nice and I like the unkept look to it.

Amazing! Letizia is a petite woman (frame-wise) and can pull off a dress like that great. It may be a bit too short, but it's an evening outing, so I think it's fine here. Love it.

Princess Letizia at Prince of Asturias Awards 2013

Upper part ** Close up ** Overview ** Side view ** Full view

Now that is one great dress. Very elegant, colour looks great on Letizia, shape is perfect for her little frame and the silver lines on the dress just finish the look. Love the shoes. Once again, Letizia looks amazing!

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