Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 8: June 2009 - July 2009

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loved her hair , the belt is great
I, for one, am very happy that she changed her accessories this time! It looks so much better with the addition of color. Interesting what a seemingly small change can do to an outfit to make it outstanding, IMHO.
I prefer it with the green belt. It just adds contrast and interest.
I agree with everyone else: the green belt looks just gorgeous with the white dress. Nice overall look. She looks very beautiful :flowers:
I would have preferred the nacre belt or no belt at all because the green shoes and the shawl are enough green but in general this is a perfect outfit for Letizia. She can pull off these dresses and this style suits her very well.

Today is a miss I'm afraid, still wearing pyjamas? The outfit looks cheap & shiny on an occasion that derserves a more classy outfit.

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I loved the white dress with the green belt. I actually like it much better with some more colored accessoires. The belt was a great choice. One of her best outfits in 2009 so far. Classic , elegant and yet stylish.

Today's outfit... I don't know. There's something I don't like about it.
The colour of the shirt mixed with the colour of the pants make Letizia look quite pale.
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Such a departure from her classy white dress! Too bad, as this outfit looks just so .....ordinary. The shiny, satin blouse with all the fussy embroidery just looks cheap and not at all fitting for a CP. The pants and the accessories add nothing to the look, imo.
I don't like this outfit!!

The top is ugly, the trousers seem to have a low quality and the shoes are horrible!
Bad choice for today! Yesterday was much more better!
How is it possible for this woman to go from lovely elegance to an appearance that doesn't even suggest a minimum of taste just like that, within 24 hours?
This must be one of the ugliest blouses I have ever seen... plus dowdy slacks, horrid shoes, weird purse. Simply awful overall.
I thought the dress was quite pretty but matched with the wrong bag, pants and shows. I liked her hair, looks soft and healthy.
loved the blouse and her hair and make up are very nice
I like the shape of the outfit, but I don't care for the satiny fabric. The color washes her out. I like the embroidery, though. The trousers are okay, but the shoes are awful. Not one of her best looks.
Thse shirt looks a bit ethnic.
Maybe Letizia bought the shirt on her recent visit to Colombia and to El Salvador.
Anyhow, I find the shirt nice, I like the material too, but the trousers and the shoes.........., OMG:eek::nonono::eek:
I've been gone from the forums for a long time. I'm back now I'm going to try to keep up. I don't like it when people wear too many shades of the same color at one time. About 4 different shades of gray going on with this outfit. I thought it looked a bit too casual as well not sure what others think? Horrible shoes. I liked some of the deatils of the blouse but as a whole the white dress is a much better look for her than this.
WHEN will she stop using such hideous shoes?
It doesn't matter what she is wearing, her shoes ruin almost all of her outfits. The shoes is fashion all right, but on her they look way too chubby for her match stick legs. Trousers or not, it never look good on her with shoes like that.

She look beautiful in general though. As long as I don't look below her knees. :rolleyes:
Her hair has been very lovely lately.
I really like the top. The overall outfit is ok.
The white dress with green belt was lovely, although I'm not terribly fond of the shoes she chose; they certainly matched the belt in colour but failed to correspond in style.

The grey outfit doesn’t work for me; the blouse and the pants are not only made of different materials, but also of different shades of grey and shouldn’t be combined. Both could be interesting with other pieces but not together.
The shoes go well with the pants; however I don’t generally like the particular design of the shoes, nor do I think it suited well with the rest of the ensemble.
I like the white dress, I'll give her a pass on the shoes because she's worn worse.

The grey outfit is boring, but I do like the top.
Grey outfit well forget about it.
Comparing green shoes were much better than last grey.
The shoemakers should find new shoe-style. It's getting boring.
The shoes are ok, don't mind them, however to me, they are too chunky on such a small framed women. They kind of swamp her frame. Like the top, different.
I cant not find Princess Letizia inelegant...its question of behaviour even is sometimes her outfits are not beautiful...she seems always elegant, simple, professionnal as a princess for me
here ok, the grey outfit isn't so precious or spectacular but she is elegant it's more than fashion, more than outfit question
I feel the same to Princess Lalla Meryem, despite of the age, despite of the weight she gains, she is always elegant, the true "princess elegancy"
in these pics, with the grey outfit also, i just Find Princess Letizia Radiant...
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