Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 23: February 2012 - April 2012

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Mermaid1962 said:
You can add my name to those who agree. I'm slowly getting used to seeing Crown Princesses in pants on official events, but I think that a dress or skirt-suit would have been more appropriate for Easter Sunday.

I agree a dress or skirt for mass looks more formal but not so much pants.
I think it's also the prominent venue that had me saying that Letizia should have worn a dress. Wasn't this service at a cathedral and officiated by an archbishop? Call me old-fashioned as well by wanting to see her in a dress, suit or skirt for Easter service.
Maybe its a Spanish thing. Infanta Elena wore pants as well.
Yes, I also saw her and I feel the same way as well about her attire.
Yes, I also saw her and I feel the same way as well about her attire.

I did read on another board where several Spanish posters said that Letitzia and Elena were dressed in quite the normal way to attend such a service and that bright colors and getting dressed up was more a northern tradition. They said it was the days leading up to Good Friday which were considered of more religious importance and even then fewer people are following the old traditions of dressing in balck with mantillas as they did in the old days.
Oh, my goodness, I don't expect time to turn back and for them to dress in black with mantillas and the colors they wore are fine by me - just a dress, skirt, suit along the lines of what the Queen wore but in a more youthful fashion. Something other than what we usually see Letizia wear for public engagements. Again, this is just my own personal taste for Easter services.
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The King,Queen,Prince and his daughters are dressed in their 'Sunday Best',both Letizia and Elena could have worn something smarter given the importance of Easter Sunday Mass.
Princess Letizia seams to have always the same look in this easter mass, she always choose pants and a blouse...
She reminds me of Jackie Kennedy there! Very casual and also chic-the scarf is a nice elegant touch.:flowers:
Nice, casual for a hospital visit. Leonor is hiding behind her mother's arm.
It's Sofia. I like this outfit, pretty and comfortable. Letizia is natural beautiful woman, even with minimal make-up she looks great.
Yes, Letizia does have the look of a windswept Jackie Onassis, doesn't she? She looks great, and I love the jacket and scarf.
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I love the casual look. The scarf adds some color and flair.
She always looks great in casual clothes.
This is a great casual outfit, and I love the patterned scarf. Letizia looks beautiful! I hope little Froilan has a speedy recovery!!:flowers:
I love simple and cute outfits... Just lovely!
A great look on Letizia; nice, stylish and comfortable.
The Princess looks just stunning in this picture!
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That's exactly what I thought as well - a beautiful model in a commercial. :)
Letizia is just naturally gorgeous. She looks amazing in that picture.
Those man shoes are awful...I don't like them at all they are not feminine at all!
:previous: Yes, the does are a definite miss. Out of place with the rest of the pieces.
Would have loved to have seen higher-heeled boots matching that fabulous handbag!
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They are really in fashion but I don't get use to them...I don't think they are feminine at all even if I saw them at a Chanel fashion show...
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