Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 22: October 2011 - February 2012

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Yes, a much better look today; beautiful patterned jacket and the turtleneck coordinates so well with it.
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I don't like the cut of the coat. But I like what she has on underneath. The color of the sweater is beautiful on her and the jacket is really nice.
This is a terrific improvement. The colour of the turtleneck is brilliantly picked up by the beautiful multi-coloured jacket. There is definitely not a shred of "Anchorwoman" in that outfit.

She is every inch a Crown Princess. Casual, elegant, with a touch of great colour. I love the duffel style overcoat. It just completes the overall look. Although personally, I am not a fan of skinny pants, it is a look that is classically Letizia.
Letizia looks amazing. Great outfit. I like this one.
The outfit on the island of El Hierro was the worst one for me. Next to Felipe, Letizia looked like a tourist.

I liked the suit at the audiences, minus the tacky belt and the blouse was all wrong with the outfit.

The outfit at the cancer event was my favourite, great jacket & colour of the turtleneck.
Princess Letizia looks absolutely chic and so very elegant here. I do love the design of the coat. It is really beautiful. The fitted slacks do give such an elegant touch. The contrast of the rich burgundy turtle neck sweater is just perfect. I am sure everyone at the forum appreciated her visit.
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Thank you,giov! Very chic and smart. Love the metal fasteners...a different look than plain old buttons..
I love how she is so simple and confident. She is beautiful :flowers:

agree..i´m love to see her in skirts - since imho she has wonderfull legs...but i am always stunned how good she looks wearing pants..thank you for Letizia
Letizia today at a the cancer prevention forum:
The coat is one of my favourites, and the jacket is very beautiful, I love the colours. I like her outfit a lot.
This outfit is of her best I think. the trousers are really well-tailored and the shoes were a good choice as well.
Yes, the jacket is Spanish.

One of the things I like about Letizia is her determination in wearing Spanish brands.
She looks nice from the ankles up. Ugly shoes. She also looks cold! Must be chilly today.
:previous:Crown Princess Letizia's winterly leather coat looks simply wonderful -most notably, its asymmetrically designed fur(?) collar and -hemline viz. edging are after my fancy. Moreover, it is nice that Letizia has chosen a pretty varicoloured scarf with sophisticated ornaments to brighten up the overall impression. Finally, I consent to your remark on those "masculine" shoes, donnaK!
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I love that leather black coat and the slacks. Don't care for the shoes though.
The shoes & pants were way too masculine for Letizia. The pants would've looked nicer with heels or more feminine shoes. The coat looks quite warming but it's not a nice coat.
Sorry but that leather jacket is an awful piece, too heavy, the leather doesn't seam leather at all but plastic, to big, a big noo to me!!! And those masculine shoes are not for Letizia...they are fashionist shoes and not all people can wear them and look good and modern...:ROFLMAO:
The coat is really ugly - Felipe's is much nicer. Regarding the dude's shoes - I agree with most other posters, they dont work for Letizia.
Is Letizia wearing her wedding rings on her right?
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