Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 21: August 2011 - October 2011

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 21 of the thread for Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion!

You can find the old thread here:

** Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion, Part 20: June 2011 - August 2011 **

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The look (from the previous thread)

The pants are nothing I would ever wear but they do look good on Letizia and she does wear it well. The cut of them is quite flattering IMO. Overall look was not bad, its summery yet fun.
Well pink jeans are quite in fashion this summer so she has the look...I love everything, quite casual and fashion at the same time...:flowers:
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She looks nice, a tad teenagerish, but I like that she looks happy.
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Does anyone know where the top is from?
The little white dess is so pretty and looked lovely on Leti.
Letizia's white dress is adorable. I love seeing her in casual environments because she seems to really enjoy herself more.
It´s from Adolfo Dominguez, 39 euros.
Adolfo Dominguez shop online
Thanks for posting this commercial photo of Princess Letizia's top -its colourful, modern viz. abstract print on a black background is really after my fancy. I also have nothing to say against pink trousers for a summer holiday. Nevertheless, I don't think the look suits Letizia's "type" being a delicate and interesting beauty but -e.g. if compared to Madeleine of Sweden or Máxima of the Netherlands- not too cheerful or sweet i.m.h.o..
Letizia today, shopping with Cristina and Maria Zurita. They also visited an exhibition of a photographer.
Letizia looks fresh, I like her hair like this for a change.

I love those sandals with the skinny jeans. Her hair pulled back is a great change, its been a while since we've seen her in a ponytail.
The SRF's summer vacation is my favorite time of the year to see them and Letizia looks lovely and relaxed-the white dress is great and the shopping trip outfit is very flattering-she looks like a college student!
Outfit from the concert was cute. What I don't get with Letizia is the fact that she's got some great pieces of clothing but she doesn't seem to put them together well here as of late. For instance, the top from the concert would be a great summer top with her white suit for an audience at the palace. Just a thought.
The outfit from the shopping trip was nice and relaxed and fresh. Love the sandals.
I think she pulled the outfit from the concert off very, very well. Not too many people can pull off hot pink pair of jeans. Nicely done.

Her white dress looks light and summery, quite appropriate to wear when arriving on one's holiday.

Really like her choice of attire for the shopping trip. She looks relaxed and comfortable.
:previous: She looks very pretty in that blouse.
I also like this blouse/top on CP Letizia -its levitating leaf design looks simple and yet filigree. Tight, light-coloured trousers serve as a well chosen complement i.m.o. even though I would have fancied pastel green ones instead of white ones...
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Letizia looks really pretty in the crisp whites. I love the blouse and trousers, and I want those sandals!:flowers:
Oh la la! The Mediterranean, Majorca and a Letizia in white are the perfect combo.

Very nice and very fresh. Her wide smile, happiness .....and all that flirting going on with that hunky husband of hers, the best complements. :D
:previous: Wow, these summer holiday looks from Letizia are really great. The white top looks wonderful with the white pants although I am not a fan of Letizia in tight pants as they don't flatter her. The jeans and ponytail look the other day was really nice.

It's good to see her looking happy and fashionable again.
I like all of her casual outfits, it's nice to see Letizia smiling and appearing to enjoy her holidays.
Letizia today, shopping with Cristina and Maria Zurita. They also visited an exhibition of a photographer.
Letizia looks fresh, I like her hair like this for a change.

Very good look.

Also the look with the pink pantas and the dark top, perfect.

She is much much better when she does not try to be very trendy!
The top at the dinner is just fine for the occasion.
It looks like she cut her hair! It looks so much better trimmed and without the curls.
I love this causal look; surprisingly her causal look is almost always better than formal. The trousers are really close-fitting and that's a great plus. The sandals and the top are good too, but what I like even more it the red bag that is very practical. :)
Letizia's holiday outfits have all been a hit for me so far. She looks like she's enjoying herself with her family & friends.
Grey top when lunching with the family.
This horizontally embellished gray top looks great on a very slim woman like CP Letizia i.m.o.. Moreover, its different shades (bluish viz. cold gray, greenish viz. warm gray as well as the attached glittering silver details) constitute a felicitous mixture of colours which even suits a brunette with peculiar green eyes.
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