Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 19: April 2011 - June 2011

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 19 of the thread for Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion!

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** Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 18: February 2011 - April 2011 **

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It looks like the lights are dim and Letizia appears delicately skin paired dressed. It looks beautiful and releases a glow so lovely to me. Felipe always looks responsibly and maintained and well groomed. I like the link and would love more captures from this visit. They are a team worth the attention. May they have had a good time all the while. I imagine them having a strong will. Nice to follow.
The suit is nice and I think is new. I don't like the striped shirt, IMO is too casual.
The suit is nice and I think is new. I don't like the striped shirt, IMO is too casual.

A necklace or Pearls might have made it look a bit better.
Love the suit but striped top looks casual, maybe something plain would be better. But I like soft, delicate colors, perfect for place which they're visited.
Neither good nor bad. The colours of the suit is nice.
The striped top was made to match the suit, the fabric doesn't make it too casual, in fact the look of a suit with a striped top has been in many fashion magazines the last couple of years. I like the whole look, professional and chic, not as old fashioned as the traditional suit with skirt she wore yesterday.

Is that a new suit?

I like it but poor Letizia looks tired/bored !

In the picture she was paying attention to the museum guide.
I like everything in today´s outfit, appropriate and the striped top is a good choice.
Arriving to Amman, with a scarf:
ANP Beeldbank
The bag:
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In my opinion, the striped top is too "sporty" looking for the event. Horizontal stripes are almost always casual in appearance, even if made in wonderful fabric. As of late, we miss Letizia's great smiles of earlier years.
The suit with the matching striped top looks really good altough I dont think its the right choice for such an event, too casual for meeting a (kind of) head of state. I do hope it will be recycled for future events like audiences etc.

The hair is a mess and the "accessory" (borrowed from Leonor & Sofia?) doesnt help. It would be so easy, pulling the hair together in a bun and nothing can go wrong in a windy environment.
The scarf doesn't match the rest of the outfit. I think she looks okay, but I don't like it. Her hair is a mess...
It's a very pretty suit and looks very nice on Letizia. Possibly too casual, but that's the norm. Her hair looks messy and she seems to be strained and tense or maybe it's just fatigue.
The stripes on her aren't flattering.
She looks very tired and so thin. Her hair should have been pulled back or up and her outfit is too casual, especially the striped top.
I like the suit but im not sure about the fabric, looks too casual. The stripped top is unprofessional iMO.
I think that this is a major problem with the stripes, they are almost always look casual.
Letizia is wearing a soft pink dress for a lunch at royal palace. I like it, she looks great.
She does look divine indeed!
Soft curles on the dress and hair look great!
Beautiful dress, very feminine. Soft color looks great. I like the accessories and curly hair, suits CP Letizia a lot.
The dress is very similiar in shape and style to a grey one she owns and wore at the POA last year - elegant choice in nice spring colours. Think she has really dressed perfectly during these last wee days
Crown Princess Letizia's outfits worn in Amman are average. Horizontal stripes are more appropriate for children and teenagers. Sweaters with horizontal stripe may also be incorporated in outfits worn on beaches. Tops with horizontal stripes tend to look cheap in other settings. Of course ... in my personal opinion ...
The dress appears to be a badly executed version of Roland Mouret's dresses. The sleeves are over-embellished. The pink nude colour became Crown Princess Letizia well.
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