Princess Letizia is pregnant with the second girl!!!

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No wonder the black dress she wore during her speech was too tight on her when it was not the first time she wore it at the Vatican.
wow. double wow.:w00t2: :w00t2: :w00t2: :clap: :clap: :bounce: :bounce: (the smilies aren't enough! i'm so giddy!) good thing i stayed up late last night to catch the news at Canal 24H. Felicidades a los Principes de Asturias y a la Infanta Leonor!

i'd have to bow now to those who have guessed her condition on another thread. while it wasn't in the best tones, i guess many have gone with their gut instincts. :D.

i just find it funny that Leonor's already going to have a sibling when she probably couldn't walk on her own yet!:lol: but i hope she'll have lots of fun with her new sibling, since they're just so close in age they'll be growing up together.
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Congratulations to Felipe and Letizia! Whether a boy or a girl, we wish them a healthy baby!!
Congratulations to Felipe and Letizia !!!!!!!! It is wonderful news. I think that it will be nice to have their children close in age. Leonor will be a great big sister I think.:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
Congratulations Felipe, Letizia & Leonor!! :flowers:
Wonderful news, best wishes for a safe pregnancy and birth
And besides she, Maxima, and Mary (I've a hunch that she is too) are not getting any younger. I'm actually not surprised that they're pregnant each year since their respective marriages.
Congratulations !!!!!! Congrats to the family!Thank you all !
mirrjam said:
do you think she got so thin because she was having morningsickness or just not feeling allright (due the pregnancy) lately??
That makes sense.
But she will look better and better now! YES YES! :D

Yes, Mirrjam. I think this was the whole trouble ...I consulted my mother (she is a doctor) about Princess Letizia skinny appareance and she told me "Anorexia? Don't be silly! She must be pregnant again!" And my mother was right! She was so happy when I told her today that Princess Letizia was pregnant. She repeated again and again: "I knew it! I knew it!"

This night, we watched the TVE International channel and we see King Juan Carlos announcing the Princess pregnancy...He was so happy! I could se it in his whole face, shinning with joy.

¡Felicitaciones, Su Majestad! :w00t2:

It's a wonderful news!I'm happy for Prince Felipe, Princess Letizia, Princess Leonor, Spanish Royal Family and the whole nation of Spain!Wish all the bests for the mother and the baby.
OMG!! I'm soooo happy for Leti, Felipe & Leonor.. I'm so happy.. This makes my day..
¡¡Felicidades altezas!!

I'm happy, SRF is my favourite Royal Family and Letizia & Felipe my favourite princes couple....:flowers: :wub:
RhapsodyBrat said:
i just find it funny that Leonor's already going to have a sibling when she probably couldn't walk on her own yet!:lol:

Don't you even think RB ;)!!! On May I expect Leonor to run not walk:lol:. The Princes told in LaRazón that Leonor was already starting to climb so a few more months and she'll be walking...

Still I can imagine her doing the Catharina-Amalia training in a doll:ROFLMAO: , too small to understand but being so close in age the two will be, hopefully, close in relationship too.

It's wonderful to live this atmosphere; people like babies and with this they show their best feeling and nature :wub:.

mtbcm :)
The royal children have special circumstances, because of it, it is positive that the brothers and sisters do not have difference of age great, because this way they can be companions of games. Leonor lives a bit isolated in Zarzuela, and though her parents do the possible thing because it has companions of games, the better thing is that she has a brother or sister with that to grow.;)
Jesus Ortiz, father of Doña Letizia, also declared itself happy by the news. “Evidently, I am very contented, satisfies the news me, he satisfies me that my daughter is well and she satisfies me to have grandsons. I believe that it is the great news for all”, declared the NEW SPAIN.

The paternal grandmother of the Princess, Menchu Alvarez del Valle, did not hide her joy either. “I am happy, very happy. Whatever more children come to the world, better. I believe that it is the wonderful news and hopefully they come more”. Menchu Alvarez of the Valley received the visit of the Princes and their daughter, Infant Leonor, in its house of Sardeu (Ribadesella), the past 16 of September. Don Felipe and Doña Letizia spent that weekend in Asturias without it extended.

On the other hand, the maternal grandfathers of Doña Letizia, Francisco Rocasolano Camacho, wished that their new great-grandchild is a boy, thus to have the pair. Francisco Rocasolano, of 89 years, made the declarations to “Efe” to the door of his address in Alicante, city in which has been residing for several years next to its woman, Enriqueta Rodriguez. “You know more than I”, it said to the journalists. She indicated that she thought that her woman yes was found out because she had spoken before on the telephone with the mother of Doña Letizia, Dove. Rocasolano commented that the new pregnancy is “magnificent” and to be of “enhorabuena”, and declared that “the Rocasolano family will last much” and added better that “whatever has more (descendants),”. Asked in case it wishes to a boy or girl it responded that, after the birth of the Infant Leonor, “a grandson, better; thus, the pair”, and on if it has predicted to celebrate said it that “the one will be the Prince that does it…”.
Well I think is a bit early to ahve a baby again!She made a cesarean so she had to wait at least two years....But maybe she wanted to have this baby so early for may reasons: Her skinny for instance and maybe she will chose for godparents Elena or Cristina and that will end with all stories between them!
:w00t2: :w00t2: :w00t2:
That's great news!!
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It is really a great news for Felipe and Letizia.
Wow, two announcements (Netherlands and Spain) in the same day.
I am sure we will have very soon an announcement from the Royal House of Denmark:flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

We will have for 2007 a royal baby boom with Maxima, Letizia and I hope Mary!!!
:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
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biboquinhas said:
Well I think is a bit early to ahve a baby again!She made a cesarean so she had to wait at least two years....But maybe she wanted to have this baby so early for may reasons: Her skinny for instance and maybe she will chose for godparents Elena or Cristina and that will end with all stories between them!

Well, I don't think that the Princes have ecided to have an other baby only tomamake silence about gossip on the presumed bad relations between Letizia and the Infantas ....They are so mature for decide this kind of very private affaire whithout any other explanation !:flowers:

If you want a very interessing proof of the lack of serious of the press as " HOLA", go to their article about the begining of the new pregnancy of the Princess, you can read that she was in Hungaria the 9th of september 2006 for the openning of the Cervantes Institute....Lol, lol, lol.....It was in 2004:lol: :ROFLMAO: :lol:

And, one thing very irritating, as the announce of the new pregnancy was done before the trerrific " three months" a lot of people are to find a many explanations more or less relevant, but when you read the Princes Orange's thread on the same subject you can observe that they did the announce very early too, before the fateful "three months" and nobody said nothing. Other country, other Princess, other customs....:wacko:
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I'm away for a few days....and I miss so much!!!

How exciting...what wonderful news...Congrats to the Prince and Princess and the little one!

Another baby to add to the family and what a lovely, beautiful family.


:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
I missed this great new, congratulation for both Princesses , I hope Prince and princess Asturia will have baby son this time:flowers::flowers::flowers:
Thank you for the translation, fanletizia. It is always intersting to hear what the families are thinking. Have Letizia's mother or sisters given a comment on the pregnancy yet?
:w00t: :w00t2:
Felicidades Letizia, Felipe y Leonor :flowers:
I'm very happy!!!!!!!!
Wonderful news!! :) Congrats to Spain and Casa Réal!!!

Well, I guess I have to get busy again and look in my crystal ball again... I'm already famous for predicting the sex of a baby; already I have predicted the sexes of 8 babies in a row without errors! :ohmy:
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