Princess Leonor's Military Studies

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I think it’s completely normal that Leonor’s studying program is individualized because of her position. She barely gets any special treatment. She has very high pressure for the 18 year old girl.
Who's excited for her attending the Armed Forces Day parade?
Last Friday, King Felipe visited his daughter, Princess Leonor, during the military maneuvers that the students of the Zaragoza Academy carried out at the San Gregorio National Training Center.

The visit and publication of the photos coincides with the fact that tomorrow is Father's Day in Spain

Those military training Leonor is going through are something. She seems in good spirits though 😎
Her father visit helps her emotionally, I’m sure. Looking at Felipe’s face I have impression that he is proud of his daughter.🌹
Princess of Asturias already has a driving license.
As Monarquia Confidencial has learned, Princess Leonor signed up for driving school to advance in her theoretical classes. Now, in Zaragoza, she has been able to continue with her driving studies to finally obtain her driving license.
Happy for Leonor that she's reached this milestone in her life.
Several weeks ago it was announced that she would not be able to attend because she is participating in the last military maneuvers of the course.
Can you put the link please. Maybe she should attend the October 12th parade
Princess Leonor finishes her training practices in the Army in Soria

This Friday, Princess Leonor closed the maneuver practices in her training in the Army in the mountains of Navaleno and San Leonardo de Yagüe, where she participated along with three hundred cadets from the General Military Academy of Zaragoza.

I think we are all waiting on Leonor's first royal gala event and if she would be in military uniform next to the King, or full gown and tiara glam, like the Queen. Maybe a warrior princess combination? Military uniform and a tiara? Can't wait!
When she will graduate in the Army?
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