Princess Laurentien's Work with Literacy and Learning

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Princess Laurentien met with Androulla Vassiliou, Member
of the EC in charge of Health to talk about the fight against
illiteracy, European comission, Brussels, March 16, 2010:

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Princess Laurentien attended a symposium on the theme of illiteracy
in the Netherlands at the Martini Church in Groningen, March 27,
2010. The symposium is part of the "Day of Letters" an initiative of
the Rotary Bel Campo Groningen Netherlands in collaboration with

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Princess Laurentien read from her own book 'Mr. Finney and the
World on its Head' in Dutch Julianaschool in her hometown Brussels,
Belgium, 09 May 2010. The Princess gives workshops about the
environment, the theme of the book written by Princess Laurentien.

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I dind't knew that princess Laruentien was/is belgian.
Me neither, antonieta. Could be that it refers to the school and
not to Laurentien... Here's an additional gallery from ppe which
also explains why the event took place on a Sunday, it's not
been a normal school day, but the childbookfair "Luistervinken &
Boekenwurmen" (Eavesdroppers and bookworms).

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Seems you've been quite close again, Fanvanmaxima, great! :)

Here are the "official" pics from inside:

Princess Laurentien attended the start of the e-learning module
‘ recognize and refer for civil service employees' at the Werkplein
De Lure of the UWV WERKbedrijf in Zwolle, May 19, 2010.

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Princess Laurentien launched the initiative for the Children's Book Bag
at the principal Heldring School in The Hague, on Wednesday May 26,
2010. The project of the foundation is aimed at children in an original
way to access children's books and encourage reading. The book bags
can be left in hospitals, schools, shops and trains.

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Princess Laurentien (with Prince Constantijn) received the Majoor
Bosshardt award 2010, during the Majoor Bosshardt Dinnershow in
Studio 21 in Hilversum, June 6, 2010.

Princess Laurentien received the award for her years of dedication
to the fight against illiteracy. The price is a symbol of selflessness,
love for people and commitment to society.

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Princess Laurentien attended the opening of the Airport Library
at Schiphol, August 25, 2010. The library is the first one at an
airport worldwide.

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Princess Laurentien didn't only attend the opening of the library but on the Holland Pier at Gate 3 (intercontinental flights) the house of Bols experience was also opened. Making cocktails with Genever. The princess even signed a bottle (as did princess Máxima in New York, two years ago.
How does that work having a library at an airport?
Because it'd be a while before you could return the book if you took one out to read on a flight.
What a very special autograph, Marengo :):)

That's a good question considering the normal way libraries are organized,
Lumutqueen! :) In this case passengers can pass their time reading,
watching films or listening to music whilst waiting for their flights, but they
are not allowed to take books, DVDs or other items away. Instead there is
a separate download room where visitors can download films to their mobile
phones, so that they can continue watching them during their flights or
Oh thank you for the explanation Iceflower, I wondered whether it was something like that, but to me that wouldn't be the same as a normal library.
Oh thank you for the explanation Iceflower, I wondered whether it was something like that, but to me that wouldn't be the same as a normal library.

True,one reads books,not i-Pods,I couldn't agree more.But still this is a nice initiative....everyone wants to look more intellectual and pops in now..grin.."Where have you been?"."Oh,I was in the library,reading Shakepear'' s latest book"...."Oh,really?Did you, oh how brilliant".....:p

Can you hear the conversations going on?..:lol:

Princess Laurentien attended the day of illiteracy a the Jheronimus
Bosch Art Center in 's-Hertogenbosch, September 8, 2010.

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Princess Laurentien at the national record attempt of simultaneous reading at
the Luxor theater in Rotterdam, September 9, 2010. On the occasion of the
6th edition of the Literacy Week, 15.000 primary school pupils across the
whole country tried to read simultaneously, by satellite, telephone and

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Princess Laurentien participated to the school TV programme 'Huisje Boompje Beestje'. She read from her book 'Mr Finney' and she helped children in making their own book. The programme will be broadcasted on Monday at 9.15 AM.

Princess Laurentien together with Prince Carlos attended the national readingday of Z at the library
and NEMO in Amsterdam, November 11, 2010.

The Princess dicussed, on the basis of her book Mr. Finney, with 50 children of the 8e Montessori
school Zeeburg about our planet and how people deal with that earth. The book aims to encourage
children to think about sustainable development and discuss this with adults.

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blonde hair, a tan and a tiger print...never a succesful combination on anybody IMHO ;). Anyway, nice to see that she is going abroad with her book & cause.
Princess Laurentien as Chair of the European Commission High Level Group on Literacy

On request of the EU Commisioner for Education,Culture & Youth HE Mrs.A.Vassiliou the Princess was offered and has accepted this new function and is appointed as such from february 1st onwards.The Princess was the first choice for the job for the EU Commissioner due
to her vast experience in the field of Illeteracy/Literacy globally.

This newly founded EU group aims at how the level of literacy for children and adults within the EU can be enhanced/improved and recommandations by the group can be implemented within the EU.The group will consist of experts in the field and the list will be published
by the EU on february 1st,the starting date for the group.

Yet again a Princess of our Royal House is bestowed with a international high level function due to their skills and experience rather
then a title alone.I am darn proud of HRH and wish her and the group all the success.
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