Princess Lalla Salma's Fashion & Style, Part 3: November 2010 - June 2013

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Once again, Lalla Salma was without no doubt the best dressed royal woman tonight. A part Princess Mathilde, Marie Chantal and Clothilde Courau, I didn't like what the other royal women were wearing.
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mmmm not so much tonight. I am sure she will do better tomorrow.
Is she wearing black? Not the colour for a wedding, right?
The caftan is nice. The dark colour is quite unexpected.
To be fair it was a gala not actual wedding, and there is no rule not to wear black at a pre-wedding gala.
While I think Lalla Salma looked very nice, she has worn much prettier caftans in past.
Luxembourg Wedding -
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For me the black caftan was stunning, I don't mind about the color because it was the gala dinner and it was in the evening, also lot of royal guests were wearing black evening gowns.
The black caftan was stunning but the blue one worn this morning was wonderful, and her hair beautiful. I expect that Salma will be voted once again the best dressed in this wedding:flowers:...
Moroccan princesses always rock with their national caftans which are above any designers gowns.
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IMO Lalla Salma was the best dressed guess at the church ceremony this morning. She picked a vibrant color that wasn't in the pink or purple family and she didn't wear drab color. The workmanship on her tunic? is exquisite.
I saw the other fashion threads for this wedding Lalla salma is the only whom I said wow she is gorgeous !!!
Both caftans were amazing, IMO! Last night, the black one with the golden details was one of the most beautiful I had ever seen! She looked magnificent and regal on both occasions, bravo!
Lalla Salma's caftan is amazing. Delicate embroidery and strong colour emphasised her lovely complexion.
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Wow!! That caftan is gorgeous!
Both caftans are gorgeus and the the blue/light purple one is particularly eexquisite. I can say the same for both shoes. She has a beautiful hair but i did not like her updo at the night event. I also don't like long toenails.
i was sure Lalla Salma was keeping the best for the mornning ceremony:D
she looks stunning in that blue caftan

I also was thinking that the blue caftan was better, but after seeing closer pictures of the black caftan, I am hesitationg between the two which the best? The black one is really a master piece appropriate for an evening event, and the blue one is simpler with vibrant color appropriate for day event.
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Lalla Salma she looks gorgeous , very perfect , liked her shoes , she’s one of the best at the church wedding cermony .
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she looked FABULOUS in both caftans,the black one with the gold detailling is Magestic while the blue one is a masterpiece.
thank you all for the lovely pics.
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Her two caftans looked gorgeous.
At first sight I thought the black one was too busy with her necklace and belt but in the last pics posted by Sephora I think it works.
OMG she has such a huge collection of jewels:diamonds,rubies,saphires,emeralds:ohmy:
A picture of Lalla Salma with the group, she's abviously the best dressed, but don't understand why she's not in the list for the votes on Hello's poll :whistling: I guess that because it was sure she win again, but some people don't appreciate to see that ethnic gowns top over the designers gowns:)
Also no Letizia and no Mary, strange poll, there's an exclusion of thoses who were really the best dressed!
Royal Wedding: Luxembourg Royal Wedding: the latest official photographs of the couple and their guests -

Vote for the most dazzling guest at the gala

Ps: edited ;-) Lalla Salma is in the spanish version of the poll "Hola", among with Letzia and Mary, because maybe they want to give everybody a chance to win :)
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