Princess Lalla Salma's Fashion & Style, Part 3: November 2010 - June 2013

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That a wonderful Colour for Lalla Salma, it flatters her very fair and porcelaine complexion. I think she must wear in the future caftans in this colour, I don't recall she did.

Humera said:
Absolutely lovely dress. The colour suits Lalla Salma so well and the style is so feminine. Her hair looks darker...did she dye it or is it just the light?

It's just light, in the picture belew, her hair looks rather lighter than usual.
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stunning ; she is blooming and the dress is so chic !
Lovely!!! She is magnificent. I woulk kill for her hair............
i think Lalla Salma should stick with this kind of dresses she looks absolutely wonderful,the color suits her alot too.
i also loved the idea of the pink brooch nice add.
Lalla Salma looks exactly the same and as fresh as ten years ago when she just married the King of Morocco, her hair is really nice with few volume and curls, like back in her engagement picture.
What a pretty dress, she pulls such colors off very well. I like the light pink/blush clutch with the dress.
That's a really beautiful dress.Nice brooch and clutch too.
What I liked the most is her new hairstyle.Her hair looks healthier and the curls are so much better.
Colour seems lighter.I liked her red hair but this new clour looks good on her too.I wonder what's her natural hair colour though
Lalla Salma's ensembles worn in Switzerland are well-chosen. The purple dress is my favourite. It nicely accentuates Lalla Salma's slender figure and nobly pale complexion.
The mustarde and tan colours are with purple/pinks camaieu the colours of Lalla Salma. I perfer when her hair is down with curls.

I love her Louboutin shoes, they are so feminine and are a change from all those ugly platformes we see everywhere.
Gorgeous! She looked very feminine and elegant. The color was great for her and I really like how she accessorized the dress.

Her complexion is amazing!
any better pic for the brown shoes?
seems very intersting.
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Beautiful purple dress. She is beautiful and different than the other Arabs royals.
She looks like a good fairy in this!
I think that this is one of the most wonderful caftans I've seen Lalla Salma wearing. All her caftans are beautiful, but sometimes, I didn't like the embroidery or the cut, but this one is just perfect, the color, the cut and the embroidery. It carries her moroccan culture and fashion, yet it's very sophisticated and refined.

I also, like how her hair is done, very glomourous:flowers:
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Indeed, Lalla Salma looks beautiful.
I absolutely love the colour and style of the dress, and the details are exquisite.
She looks so beautiful. I love the color.
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i LOVE the soft yellow caftan, nice and beautiful choice this year at Fes, grogeous smile and hair, she sure looks happy^^
She looks wonderful in this beautifully crafted caftan!I love how Lalla Salma celebrates traditional Maroccan fashion.
The caftan is very beautiful. I have to say the Lalla Salma's makeup seems odd a bit too orange. May be, it is just the case of a bad lighting.
Lalla Salma have many pretty caftans but i have to say this is her best she looks gorgeous in yellow.

and its seems yellow is her new fav color:D
Lalla Salma today in Fez..i like her shoes its fun but not with that dress: ImageBam
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