Princess Lalla Salma's Fashion & Style, Part 3: November 2010 - June 2013

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^the only thing i like about that look is the shoes...

Lalla Salma black caftan at the gala dinner is pretty but i like better one caftan she has in black and with dark blue emsebles, she wore it at Fes years back. however her hairstyle is awesome, her natural curls up-do really makes her shine and i loved her jewerly for that outfit.

the blue caftan for the wedding ceremony really was a good choice, she really stands out between all the guest and is a very lovely and interesting color on her. but i have to applause her jewels!!!!!!!!

for me Lalla Salma has the most grogeous jewel collection, because she has the most variaty, from diamonds, rubys, emeralds, saphires, pearls...
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the light blue suits her, like the light blue caftan she has. but she looks even better with a stronger color, however its nice to see her bring diferent colored outfits.
Kenitra 23 Nov 2012
nice colors combination
The skirt and the jacket are nice and the combinaison of black/red/white is OK, but I don't like the red shoes and the purse, the color is too strong and too much for a day visit. Black would be better.
The light green suit is nice as well, but I would prefer more warm colors for fall/winter, Lalla Salma pull well this fresh color because her carnation is too light and her complexion too fresh, but it's better for summer or spring in my humble opinion.
Ithink Princess Lalla salma looked great in both outfits,I must admit the red shoes are a little too much but the rest looks just fine to me.
she looks absolutely great,relaxed and fresh.
^i agree, i really like the red heels and they suit the outfit.
if she had choosen black or white shoes, it would have made the red skirt missplaced
i like this clothes on her, she looks lovely as always, i LOVE her smile^^
but im not sure about the side things on the grey dress, pockets? i dont thing they are, i think its just a design.
The ensemble is nice. I liked the colour and shoes.
Lalla Salma looks very elegant ,, liked her outfit very much !!
I am not big fan of the red dress but the pink dress and black jacket are so chic i love the belt.
The combination is quite exquisite. This shade of the pink colour really became Lalla Salma.
i really like the pink dress! love the shoes, earrings and her nail polish^^
glad to see that she took Lalla Khadija with her!
That's a very simple outfit, I'm not a fan of pointy boots so I don't care for those. Anyway, she looks appropriate for that event and the hair is very beautiful!

I always wondered if there's some redheads in Morocco? Lalla Salma is a natural redhead and she's morrocan or she has some mixed heritage on her?
Lovely hair style and thats type really suits her. Cant see much of the outfit, too much black. With all that black, one could say she is in mourning.
there is too much black going on,seems like she put on her coat to go out for simple stroll,i am in love with the hair it suits her.
I love her hair bit I agree too much black.
I always thought that headbands suits her unlike other princesses. I especially like that it makes her look younger.

I actually like the neckline but I don't appreacite how it is worn on the shoulders, if it was more tight to the neck it would be perfect.
the nickline don't work for me too but i like the colors combo.
her hair looks wondeful.
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