Princess Lalla Salma Jewellery

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It's impressive,I have to say!Does every Muslim own such a pendant (just like every Christian owns a Cross)?
yes iakynthi,I can say all the muslim women but most of them and ALOT has that kind of Jewellery with religious significance,I by myself has a necklaces like that one with the name of Alah,another with verse from the Holy Koran like the one of Lalla salma but mind is very smal,and another one with Mecca house,it's very common.
all those gold jewels are fantastic Lalla salma has a fabulous collection of Jewellery,thanks for sharing:flowers:
well it's rare to see a first lady wears a necklace with a religious symbol especially when she is broad in another country where ppl don't have the same believes.
i want also to correct something. it's not all muslim have jewels with god name or coran in it. only who can afford (or like) to buy gold or whatever jewel .. have them. also many who believe in god or islam don't see any necessity or relation between wearing such jewel and their believes.
Yes Prym has very similar necklace. Queen Noor and Queen Rania too have Allah pendants.
don't forget QRania lovely Tiara:)
i think it's common in muslim world these kind of jewels,i too have pendant with a little Koran:flowers:
Very nice earings.
She looked gorgeous in this pic.Her hairdoo and make-up were great:flowers:.
I hope to see her again with this hairdoo
These diamond earrings are wonderful and suit her a lot!
those earrings looks fabulous,Salma could you plz post photo fothe whole look?i would love to see when she wore them.
Loved them!They look so refined!!

These pearl earrings & necklace are too plain.It wouldn't make any difference if LS didn't wear jewels instead of wearing this set,in my opinion.But I liked the way she combined the heart-shaped pendant with the diamond earrings.We have seen them separately,so thank you for the new photo,Salma!
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Did we see those heart shaped earrings again?I think they look funny.Like a little girl's toy.
thanks again Salma you're doing a great job:flowers:
i am not liking this earring,not my favourite,her hair is wonderful though.
You´re welcome. Do you know when was taken the pic?
i don't know exactly when,i only know the photo is from private family event that the Magazine Alayame publish in 2005, my guess the photo was taken just after the marriage of Lalla Salma and M6,even before Moulay Hassan birth.
They look beautiful.Two coloured jewels usually can be very interesting.
This is a beautiful picture in general:the whole outfit as well as these pearl earrings look gorgeous on LS!!
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how about her jewels during jordanian royals?someone has a close pics,I quit liked her day earings.
it's ok i think it's good pic thanks:flowers:
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These earrings and brooch seem to have pave set pink sapphires. I like that these kind of pieces can be very modern and elegant or for more formal occasions they could be more dressy!!!
I love the earrings! They look almost purple when worn near her purple jacket. Gorgeous!
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