Princess Lalla Hasna Picture Thread

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A very pretty princess and just a shame she pulls her hair back so tight and wears frumpy dresses. I give her 10/10 for personality and looks but 5/10 for fashion.

Princess Lalla Hasna looks amazing with her hair pulled back. Doesn't she look lovely in this picture :)!
And I think it must be such a challenge to make successfully designed Caftans. You have to keep in mind that each woman wears a unique peace no matter when or where. Many artisans work on each caftan for hours with a lot of precision and patience. Princess Lalla Hasna has a lways had amazing taste in designing and chosing her caftans. My best congratulations for that.
Concerning her fashion, I take it it does not include Caftans, she always pulled classical and sobre outfits (check her events thread fo backups).Simply amazing as well .
Mademoiselle Lilo said:
yes looked lovely here,it was during Mathilde and Philippe wedding.
Yes, I remember Lala Hasna at Mathilde's wedding - she looked stunning, I almost mistook her with Rania...
lillas said: Lalla Hasna looks amazing with her hair pulled back. Doesn't she look lovely in this picture...
Yes, nothing to add, lillas! She's not only impossibly beautiful but has also an impeccable taste in fashion. The earrings? Fabulous... An infallible woman!

These are some pictures I came across. I'm sorry if they have been posted before...
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Lovely picture :)!
Moroccan ladies are unique in their beauty, nothing like a Moroccan lady in a beautifull Caftan.
Thank you Monic for the pictures. Glad you share my point of view.
You're welcome, lillas! I'm very impressed with the picture you posted - it's a great dilamma to chose the most beautiful lady and gown among all of them. You're right - their beauty is unique. :flowers:

Other pictures of Princess Lala Hasna:

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I like the burnous, it adds a lot of elegance
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no the photo was taken in Morocco during a state visit of Italian president to Morocco in 2000 i think i have more photos from this visit.
are you sure?
I found the pic on google and they mention that Lalla hasna in Italy with the first lady.
i like the last pic,it's nice how her foundation website keep posting pics of the princess.:)
thanks for posting the Italian visit pictures M.lilo.
Princess Lalla Hasna is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing this nice picture.
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