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In Corfu town today and I was suddenly aware of lots of important looking people outside the entrance to the Asiatic Museum, including a very attractive young woman. Turns out it is an official visit of Princess Kako. Unfortunately, we were driving by in a car, so couldn’t stop to take a photo.
Princess Kako's agenda on May 29:
  • visit a national institution for the deaf in Athens, where Kako participated in a sign language class for families with deaf children. She also learned some Greek sign language and was able to greet attendees.
  • travel to Corfu where she visited an orphanage before touring the city hall and old town
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Combined galleries: FNN, TV-Asahi

Princess Kako Visits Corfu Island During Greece Trip; Tours World Heritage Old Town - The Japan News

More photos from previous days in Greece:

May 27 at Acropolis Museum, Faneromeni Monastery:
Facebook - Ministry of Culture
Facebook album 2 - Konstantinos Sevastiadisaetos (attendee)
Facebook album 1 - Konstantinos Sevastiadisaetos

May 28 at judo club: Facebook -

May 29 at National Institution for the Deaf:
Facebook - Sofia Zacharaki
Facebook - γιωργος καβουρης (attendee from sign language class)

May 29 in Corfu:
Facebook - Ministry of Tourism
Facebook - Στέφανος Πενηντάρχου Πουλημένος (Mayor of Corfu)


Princess Kako's agenda for May 30:
  • ceremony marking the 125th anniversary of Japan-Greece diplomatic relations and "Year of Culture and Tourism between Japan and Greece" at the Corfu Museum of Asian Art
  • tour Corfu Museum of Asian Art. (some tourists got to meet Kako as she left)
  • dinner in Corfu, hosted by Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni. Kako was presented a deluxe edition of Nikos Kazantzakis's book "Travelling to Japan" from the Greek government
  • return to Athens
  • meet Greeks who studied in Japan at a hotel
Photos: AP Images, Getty Images, FNN, Nikkansports, TV-Asahi, Facebook - Ministry of Tourism

Princess Kako ‘Feels Close Tie Between Japan, Greece’; Attending Corfu Island Event Celebrating 125th Anniversary of Relations Between Tokyo, Athens - The Japan News
[...] In her greeting speech, Princess Kako revealed that she had previously heard from her mother, Crown Princess Kiko, about her fond childhood memories of a family trip to Greece.

“I’m so happy that I’ve been able to experience the diverse attractions of Greece and feel the close tie between our countries,” Princess Kako said.

Later, the princess toured the exhibits at the museum, including a fan painting by Edo period (1603-1867) ukiyo-e artist Toshusai Sharaku.

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On May 31st, Princess Kako left the hotel around 11:45am for Athens International Airport. Due to congestion at Heathrow Airport in the UK, the connecting flight was delayed about 45 minutes. She arrived at Tokyo's Haneda Airport after 5pm on June 1.

Departure photos: TBS, FNN

Return photos: Mainichi, Sankei, FNN

Princess Kako's schedule upon return:
  • June 3: visit Imperial Palace Sanctuaries
  • June 4: visit Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako to convey message from Greek President and report on official visit
  • June 5: children's literature awards ceremony
  • June 6: audience with US Cherry Blossom Queen and others
  • June 7: visit mausoleums of Emperor Showa and Empress Kojun to report return from official visit
Sources: TV-Asahi, TV-Asahi2

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On the morning of June 3rd, Princess Kako visited the Imperial Palace Sanctuaries to report the completion of her official visit to Greece. She entered the palace before 10am.

Photos: FNN

On June 4th, Princess Kako visited the Imperial residence after 6pm to greet Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako. She briefed them on her official visit to Greece, staying about 90 minutes. Princess Aiko also attended.

Arrival photos: FNN, TBS


On June 6th, Princess Kako met the USA 76th National Cherry Blossom Queen and others at the Akishino residence.

Photos: FNN


On June 7th, Princess Kako visited the mausoleums of Emperor Showa and Empress Kojun at Musashi Imperial Graveyard in Hachioji, Tokyo. She reported the completion of her official visit to Greece.

Photos: FNN, AP Images


Princess Kako attended the "Doremifa Dance Concert" in Tokyo today, June 17, and afterwards met the participants:

** Pic **
Prince Hisahito is a member of a research group that will give a poster presentation at the International Congress of Entomology (ICE 2024) on August 26 in Kyoto. This will be his first time presenting research results at an international conference.

Last November, Prince Hisahito published his first academic paper from his ecological surveys of Akasaka Estate from 2012-2022.

Source: NTV

I realize the IJF has a long history of academic research, but that's quite something if he's getting published as a high schooler...
He is second author, so it would be interesting to read what his specific contribution to the study was. Normally the first author carried out the research and wrote the paper and the last author is the one who had final responsibility for the study.
At a regular press conference on July 18th, Grand Steward Yasuhiko Nishimura of the Imperial Household Agency provided updates surrounding Prince Hisahito’s coming-of-age ceremony, which will be postponed to spring 2025, after high school graduation.
  • Nishimura said it would be appropriate for Prince Hisahito to attend court events and ceremonies after the ceremony
  • Thus, Prince Hisahito is not expected to attend New Year's Receptions or New Year's General Public Greetings
  • However, the prince may attend events outside the Imperial Palace, such as garden parties at Akasaka Estate, if they do not interfere with his studies
  • He will receive the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Chrysanthemum at the coming-of-age ceremony, not his birthday on September 6
  • Princes receive their order after a Cabinet meeting. The Cabinet approved the order for Crown Prince Akishino (then Prince Aya) on November 15, 1985 ahead of his birthday and coming-of-age ceremony on November 30, 1985
Sources: Asahi, TBS, FNN
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