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Thank you Prisma for all the work you have put in to following HIH's visit to Peru . I always look forward to reading your post's .
It's lovely to see her commitment to the deaf and hard of hearing community included in this visit as well. And the visit to Machu Picchu must have been e a personal highlight of the trip.
You're very welcome fabaunty! :flowers:

Somebody: yes, Kako appeared ecstatic at Machu Picchu. Her commitment to the hearing impaired is admirable.


On November 12th, Princess Kako attended the 45th National Youth Speech Contest at National Olympic Memorial Youth Center in Shibuya, Tokyo. 12 junior high school students selected from over 380,000 applicants nationwide presented their experiences and thoughts.

Photos: FNN, AP Images

On November 14th, Princess Kako visited the mausoleums of her great-grandparents Emperor Showa and Empress Kojun in Hachioji, Tokyo to report her return from Peru.

Photos: AP Images, FNN
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On November 17th, Princess Kako reported her return from Peru to Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako. She entered the Imperial Palace before 4:30pm. IHA say Princess Aiko also attended the meeting.

Videos/sources: NTV, TBS


On November 27th, the IHA released Princess Kako's impressions of her official visit to Peru.


Prince Hisahito has co-authored his first academic paper. The paper "Dragonfly fauna of Akasaka Estate" was published by the National Museum of Nature and Science in November, using the prince's research from 2012 to 2022. 12 species of dragonflies from Tokyo’s endangered list were also found on the estate, including 2 species recorded for the first time.

Ecological research in Akasaka Estate had not been conducted for 15+ years. The findings bring the estate’s total to 40 dragonfly species in 8 families. Researchers are considering reasons behind the increase from the last survey in 2005 when 24 species were found.

The impetus for the paper was a meeting between Takuya Kiyoshi, research director at National Museum of Nature and Science, and Prince Hisahito in April 2022. The prince had read all prior research on dragonflies at Akasaka Estate and found many species were missing from those publications. He showed his data on the computer to Kiyoshi, who was impressed and suggested writing a paper. Prince Hisahito compiled the paper in March 2023 under Kiyoshi's guidance and submitted to the museum. It was accepted after 6 months of peer review. Kiyoshi says Prince Hisahito is first author because he took the lead in collecting data and working on the paper.

Sources: NTV, TBS


On December 6th, Princess Kako met participants of the "2023 / 47th Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP)" at Akasaka East residence. She spoke in English with 30 people from 10 countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, for about 40 minutes.

The Cabinet Office sponsors the international exchange program, supported by ASEAN member countries. Crown Princess Kiko participated in the program before marriage. Princess Kako and her sister then-Princess Mako met SSEAYP participants in 2019.

Photos/sources: FNN, NTV, TBS
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Princess Kako turns 29 on December 29.

Birthday photos and video were taken at Akasaka Estate on December 2.

Her furisode kimono "is dyed in Asagi (traditional blue color) and cream with patterns such as flowing water, pine, and chrysanthemums. The obi has a gold cloisonné pattern (a combination of circles and flowers), and the obijime and obiage are madder (traditional red color)."

With pandemic measures removed, Princess Kako has increased her activities and devoted herself to each event. She expressed gratitude to everyone involved in preparing events, interactions, etc.

This past year, Princess Kako had 69 public activities and court rituals compared to 42 last year. [Asahi]

TV-Asahi reports 58 events in Tokyo and 10 regional trips. (I'm guessing the discrepancy is the Peru official visit?)

"... I would also like to express my gratitude to the people who prepared the event, the people I met, the people who welcomed me, and the people who supported me in various ways."

"As in the past, Her Imperial Highness Princess Kako is committed to creating a society where everyone can live in peace, a society in which everyone has a wider range of choices, and a society in which these things become the norm. She has been praying for this, and she keeps this thought in mind when conducting her activities."

Imperial Household Agency recap of activities, statement, photos and video:

Photos: Asahi, NTV, Yomiuri slideshow

Mixed with old photos: FNN, Mainichi

Princess Kako, Daughter of Japan’s Crown Prince Akishino, Turns 29 - The Japan News
no audio version:
2023 recap from ANN News:
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It is unusual for her to wear a kimono on this occasion, or am I wrong?
Are they trying to tell us something?

That being said, her eyes look so sad to me. I wish her the very best. May she find happiness, however that looks like for her.
Yes, I believe this is Kako's first birthday photo session wearing a kimono but she's only had regular birthday press since the accession (except for her coming-of-age). The kimono could simply be Kako trying something different.
On January 22nd, Princess Kako attended the "46th Meeting Honoring Mothers Who Raised Hearing Impaired Children" at Tower Hall Funabori in Edogawa, Tokyo. She expressed condolences to victims of the Noto Peninsula earthquake in sign language.

"I would like to express my deepest condolences to those who have lost their lives, and to those who have lost loved ones and those who have been affected by the disaster.'' I would like to express my heartfelt sympathies to you. My heart aches when I think of those who are going through difficult times."

Photos: FNN, AP Images, Nikkansports
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:previous: More photos: Mainichi, Asahi, FNN, Getty Images

Princess Kako was guided through the workshop by Imaizumi Imaemon XIV, a Living National Treasure and Vice President of Japan Kōgei Association, where Kako serves as patron.

Princess Kako Visits Arita Ware Kiln in Saga Prefecture, Meets Living National Treasure - The Japan News
[...] The princess listened to living national treasure Imaizumi Imaemon XIV talk about the kiln and watched craftspeople making receptacles and painting on them.

“What do you do in particular to make them into beautiful and smooth shapes?” the princess eagerly asked one of the craftsmen.
On February 9th, Princess Kako visited the 70th Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition at Fukuoka Mitsukoshi department store in Fukuoka City. Japan Kōgei Association sponsored the exhibition along with Asahi Shimbun and others.

Ahead of the event, she received an explanation about artisans affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake.

Photos: Asahi, Mainichi, FNN, Getty Images
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Japan is lucky to have princess Kako. A great representative of the imperial family; always comes across as very interested in the topic at hand.
Prince Hisahito has the flu. He developed a fever on the night of February 6 and was diagnosed with influenza the next morning. He has missed 3 days of school so far and is gradually recovering at home. His parents and sister have no symptoms.

Sources: TBS, Sankei
On March 27th, Princess Kako had 2 audiences at the Akishino residence.

11am: 2 members of Brazil's National Congress participating in the 2023 Juntos!! Exchange Program to Promote Understanding of Latin America and Japan for about 30 minutes
1:30pm: 14 members of the Caribbean Community Young Diplomats and Administrators Group for about 40 minutes

Photos: Sankei Imperial Weekly 839, TBS


On April 3rd, the Imperial Household Agency announced Princess Kako will make an official visit to Greece in late May to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Japan-Greece diplomatic relations and this year is designated the "Year of Japan-Greece Culture and Tourism."

The visit will be about 1 week. Kako received the invitation from the Greek government in late March.

Sources: Sankei, NTV

Princess Kako to visit Greece in late May; Courtesy Visit to President in Athens Considered - The Japan News


Princess Kako will visit Meiji Jingu on April 12 for the 110th anniversary of Empress Shoken's death.

Source: NTV
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At a regular press conference on March 29th, Akishino family top aide Naomasa Yoshida reiterated Prince Hisahito's coming of age ceremony will be held after his high school graduation (March 2025).

Although princes hold coming-of-age ceremonies on their birthdays, age of majority was 20 in the past and they were already in university. Prince Hisahito is the first Imperial family member to become an adult since the age of majority was lowered from 20 to 18. He will be a 3rd year high school student and currently aims to enter a university connected to his interests such as natural history, insect habitats, and research.

A prince's coming-of-age has many rituals:
- press conference
- coming-of-age and audience ceremonies
- celebratory events
- palace sanctuaries and mausoleum visits

Source: Imperial Household Agency


On April 7th, Princess Kako attended the 25th National High School Girls Baseball Tournament Final (Hyogo's Kobe Koryo Gakuen High School vs. Tokai University Shizuoka Shoyo Senior High School) at Tokyo Dome.

Photos: AP Images,, Nikkansports

Princess Kako Watches Japan High School Girl’s Baseball Championship Tournament Final Game - The Japan News

Princess Kako visited the Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo today, April 12 for the 110th anniversary of the death of Empress Shoken, wife of Emperor Meiji:

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