Princess Iman of Jordan and Zaid Mirza: 22 March 2013

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Jul 18, 2004
Princess Iman bint Al Hussein and Zaid Mirza's Wedding
22 March 2013​
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Are pictures from the wedding ?
Hoping that the Jordanian Court will release some photos. :flowers:
Congrats!! here is a picture of the lovely couple!! Princess Iman looks gorgeous and happy!! I wish them a happy life!!

Congrats to the beautiful couple!! here is a picture. Iman looks great, very simple and happy!!

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She looks nice I hope see more pics
I got more pictures of the wedding! I am not sure if I can release all of them!! but I am sure the Royal Court will release more pictures!!
Nobility, who do you recognize in the photos?
Most of the royal family members! there is an adorable photo of Iman, Zaid and the daughter of Prince Hamzah and the daughter of Prince Hashim!! I will see if I can share more pictures with all of you guys!!
Nice Pic .. congrats to the royal couple <3
She Looks very pretty ,, liked her look ,, But I just Wonder why they not wear wedding Dress !!! ,,, But she looks very nice
oh she looks like queen noor in this pic ; gorgeous lady !
Nobility did you attend ? did princess haya attend ?

Although I know who attended the wedding from the bride side but I cannot tell who was their!! The Royal Court is responsible for that!!!
Quite a pretty bride and a lovely traditional dress.
Congrats to the couple! What a beautiful bride, Queen noor and family must be so proud.
Picture of the couple with Princesses Haalah bint Hashim and Haya bint Hamzah beside them.

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