Princess Haya's Fashion & Style Part 2: February 2010 - April 2012

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Yes but the thoub is old and she gained some weight during the pregnancy, which is normal. I think she is beautiful and I love the embroidery.

Very nice traditional dress. She looks amazing as usual :D thank you salma :D
a repeated one nothing special.
i see that she need a new hair cut Imo.
Yes Lilo she wore it in January 2011 and it isn´t one of her best thobes. I do not like her hairstyle.
The teal is a great color on Princess Haya IMO.
Princess Haya She’s Very Beautifull always and she Have Amazing Smile , But I Don’t Like Her Thoubs Something Very Normal Or Less .
I love the traditional dress she is wearing and as usual she looks amazing with a beautiful smile :D
i am really glad she wore something traditional in the event she always looks perfect in thoubes.
i like the embroidery in the front of the dress and also the belt.
i do like it and it is nice but i have to day i have seen her in nicer ones i think blue looks lovely very beautiful on her
Very beautiful thoub and Princess Haya look nice . Thank`s Salma:flowers:
Interesting! It's a very beautiful Thaub though,
I love the geometric pattern
Oh yes, this lovely thoub! It suits Haya a lot too! I don't remember if we have discussed this before, maybe we have, but may I ask here: does the white scarf symbolize something? Haya wears it very often, so I was wondering.
Looks very good on Haya, I even think it looks better on her than on Rania. She looks very beautiful.
i am not say it dose not suit her its just i think lighter colours suit her better
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