Princess Haya's Fashion & Style Part 2: February 2010 - April 2012

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I quite like the green thoub on Haya too. The pearls were a good addition.
the 1st one is really ugly but the 2nd is great
I amnot sure for 1st thoub, I need see better pics, but I like the second.
the second thoub is lovely i like it.
no better pic?
the second thoube is repeated she wore it at event in Dubai,very beautiful dress.
not sure i can say the same about the first dress.
thanks for the remind blauerengel.
its very beutiful dress glad she use it again.
The second thoub is stunning but the first looks very drab (perhaps a better photo would do it more justice).
I don't think the first thoub is that bad, I personally think that its too printed for her height and that she is pregnant.
:previous: like the blue thoub with the gold in it. Pretty!
I like the design of the first thoub and the colour of the second. She looks great in both though!
I remember this thoub. The pattern is too busy, but it still looks good on Haya.
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