Princess Haya at Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge 2006-2015

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haya's clothes are always poorly tailored. her belt is riding up in the back.

Like most of us, Haya probably buys her clothes off the rack. And unless you are stick-thin like a model it is really hard to find clothes that fit your body. I also thought her hair looked fine, especially considering how windy it appeared to be in the photos. We can't expect public figures to turn out like well-coiffed models all the time. She has better things to do.
No Haya does not buy her clothes "off the rack". Often she wears designer, eg Valentino, even altered to her liking. The problem is that most of these "catwalk" clothes look good on models but not on Haya. Given she's got unlimited money access (I would assume so when getting married to one of the richest people in the world) she should employ an advisor who is not only able to buy off designer but also to buy off designer suitable for Haya's figure.
I still think Haya mainly buys ready-to-wear clothes and not custom-made (haute couture) pieces for her day wardrobe. The Valentino clothes I recall her having customized were evening gowns, and they were altered to suit Islamic sensibilities. She doesn't strike me as an austentatious person, despite her husband's wealth, so I can't see her spending oodles of money for a tailored wardrobe.

I also don't think she needs a stylist. I like the fact she looks, and dresses, like a normal person.
The problem is not if she buys her clothes off the rack or clothes desiged by valentino. Models usually wear tight fitting clothes that would fit their stick thin bodies.
The problem is she is only allowed to wear very loose clothes that would not show off her body curves most of the time, especially at a major event. Remember she used to wear very nice fashionable clothes before she got married. i used to think of her as a fashion icon
Princess Haya

I very much enjoy reading about Princess Haya. I perceive her to be a very smart, well mannered, fun person. She is also very elegant and not to mention modern and very athletic. In all, a very well rounded woman. Good for Princess Haya....

Dubai Polo Challenge Attracts Top Teams

26 March 2010,
DUBAI — The international Dubai Polo Challenge is set for Friday with an impressive lineup of stars and players.
Dubai Polo Challenge Attracts Top Teams=
Any idea who these famous 'stars' are going to be this year? ;)
Nancy Ajram. Does anyone know if Princess Haya attended today this event?
Nancy Ajram. Does anyone know if Princess Haya attended today this event?

i saw nancy ajram but i didnt see haya. i dnt think she was even there. whats up witht th?
gettyimages has the pics for the event ; it seems Nancy is instead of Haya:ROFLMAO:
gettyimages has the pics for the event ; it seems Nancy is instead of Haya:ROFLMAO:

I doubt a asinger will replace a royal at an event.
Maybe Haya didnt attened for some reason, there is no news of her attending nor pictures of her but there is of the event.
We will just have to wait before making our own conclusions on why she didnt turn up and asking for pictures when there is ismply no pictures out yet.
It's nice to see Sheikh Mohammed's daughter with Princess Haya. It's not always you get a glimpse of the girls with her. It's also quite nice to see them taking part in an event that is attended and hosted by Princess Haya. Sheikha Maitha has been training of for so long (if you look at her instagram timeline) for the polo match. It seems to be her new sport/hobby.
HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein kisses HH Sheikha Maitha during the presentations on the final day of the Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge 10th edition at Desert Palm Hotel on February 21, 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The event takes place under the patronage of HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Wife of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge is one of the most prestigious happenings in Dubai's sporting and social calendar. On this occasion Cartier launched their latest watch creation Cle De Cartier.
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