Princess Eugenie of York Current Events 5: October 2008-April 2010

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Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice are caught off-guard
after picking up coffee from a Starbucks on Robertson Blvd,
December 4, 2009:

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How wonderful, natural pictures of the girls. :flowers:
What on earth is hanging below Princess Eugenie's top? Hopefully not her purple knickers....
What on earth is hanging below Princess Eugenie's top? Hopefully not her purple knickers....

Ha, ha, they aren't knickers. It's either a puffed purple skirt or the bottom of a purple dress. If they were knickers then it was cruel of Beatrice to let it go unnoticed!
Thanks, Annie.:) Whatever it is, it looks awful, IMO. In fact Both of the sisters look awful, certainly not what Princesses should look like even if they are casually dressed...
Were these pictures taken in London? I'm impressed that they aren't freezing. :D
There's a Starbucks on every corner, isn't there? :whistling:
I agree with udy: I wish they would wear something a bit more tasteful. They don't have to be stuffy or anything, just nicely put together like their cousin Zara.
I seem to remember some awful outfits that Zara wore at ages 19 and 21.

I would hope that by the time Beatrice and Eugenie are the age that Zara is - namely 28 - they will be wearing outfits that are more in keeping with that age. At the moment, like many girls of their ages (my neices are the same ages and I teach teenage girls so my view is based on lots of girls their ages) they are experimenting and finding their way.

It is unfair to compare the dress style of 19 and 21 year olds with the dress style of a 28 year old.
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Although I am the last person to defend the York girls for their tastes in clothes and is important to state that it appears that they were not on duty when the 'Coffee' pictures were taken! Surely we can give them a break when they are out in 'private!' With regards to the length of their skirts.....well...urhmmm...'They're young.' will soon change and I do hope their tastes will mature likewise! Do they 'ever' wear jeans or combats or just slacks....! It seems rather odd to me......their sainted aunt was frequently seen wearing jeans 'off duty'.....I remember seeing Diana in a lovely pair of jeans and the most yummy brown boots with a Blades' like jacket on the Brompton Road once......she was seemingly quite alone and as we crossed paths I whispered 'Love the boots M'a'm' and she replied with a little smile, 'Jones's....Love the bag!' It was rather surreal!
Were these pictures taken in London? I'm impressed that they aren't freezing. :D

I think they're still in California after attending the Young Victoria premiere earlier this week.

Thanks, Ella Kay. Good to know that, I really would have felt sympathy for them otherwise. ;)
Personally I don't believe that any off duty pictures should be published as they only encourage the paparazzi types.
I totally agree with you Bertie! I do wish the 'Paps' would lay off a is almost as though we are back to pre-Alma tunnel times on occasion these days!
As long as people buy the magazines and papers then the owners of these magazines and papers will continue buying the photos from the paps.

This is why I believe Diana's fans are responsible for her death - not just the paparazzi who chased her, and the drunk driver and incompetant security that night, but also those who would have bought the magazines and papers with those photos.
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The paps are hounds. I agree these were "off gurad" photos, and unbecoming, none the less.
I think it would be hard to look stylish every single time one walks out of his or her house. And it did look ealry in the morning in those pictures.
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Here's a nice little gallery of pics of Eugenie after the Nutcracker
event on December 16 (see Beatrice's current events thread):

Princess Eugenie greets singer Will Young outside the St Martins Lane
hotel in London. They had attended the VIP reception to launch the
English National Ballet Christmas season ahead of the performance of '
The Nutcracker'.

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What a lovely photo of Eugenie... smiling, fresh-faced, and looking truly happy. She needs to look like this more often. :)
Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice attend the launch of
The Elephant Parade on March 23, 2010 in London, England.

What a difference those shoes make..:)

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It says the page is no longer available. Think the palace ordered a retract??
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I was going to throw in my two cents~born into wealth and privilege, when a lot of people are going through terrible times~and this Princess is complaining??
I read the article yesterday and while I couldn't find a way around the delete, I did find an article that uses a great chunk of the text.

MOST girls dream of being a princess. But Prince Andrew's eldest daughter, Beatrice, claims the job isn't as much of a fairytale as some might think. And she says her younger sister, Eugenie, is a reluctant royal who hates the scrutiny that comes with her title.
Despite the privileges the pair enjoy, such as palatial residences, luxury holidays and round-the-clock police protection, 20-year-old Eugenie would apparently give it all up tomorrow.
Beatrice, 21, said: "I think if Eugenie could have any other life than the one she currently has, she'd definitely choose one without cameras, without photographers and generally one where she could blend into the background.
"We were born into this life and we understand that, but it is a little difficult at times.
"I think Eugenie feels a little hounded when she's forced to pose for pictures and she's really just wanting to have a privately fun time.

"Sometimes the interest is such that it becomes too intense and people have said some nasty things about us."
In recent years, both have been criticised for their love of parties and frequent foreign travel, the security for which is estimated to cost taxpayers more than £500,000 a year.
Could I have some cheese with that whine, please? :whistling:
It says the page is no longer available. Think the palace ordered a retract??

I think you might be on to something! I did read the article when it was available on the site and thought it was a strange one to appear. I was drawn to it because it said "by big sis Beatrice" and yet Beatrice didn't write it, she only supposedly added the odd comment or two. And Beatrice didn't say Eugenie "hated" being a royal but accepts it. What Beatrice meant was Eugenie dislikes the lack of privacy that comes with being a member of the Royal Family & the negativity that often pointed their way.

Personally I think this story is inaccurate in many ways. For starters it seems odd of Beatrice to comment so publicly about such a topic. She doesn't seem to comment or do interviews unless she is promoting something or it is an important occasion. Secondly it doesn't say in what context Beatrice allegedly made these comments. I could only find "Beatrice said". It didn't exclusively say "in an interview with the Daily Mail". If she said it why didn't the other tabloids pick up on it? I can only imagine what angle they would have spun on it!

I definitely think this article is deliberately "no longer available."
I read the article too before it got taken down and thought it was odd. You're right, it gave no context for Beatrice's comments. It did say: "speaking exclusively to the Daily Mail, Beatrice said..." (She just said that Eugenie would like more privacy, she definitely did not say Eugenie "hated" being royal.) When I saw the article, I thought that maybe a Daily Mail reporter had spoken to Beatrice "undercover" (ie. Beatrice didn't know she was speaking to a reporter). So I wasn't surprised when I saw the article wasn't up anymore. Someone at the palace, maybe Beatrice herself, probably read it and questioned it.

I don't think Beatrice was "whining" at all. Somebody just prompted her to share her feelings about being royal, and she was honest. I'm sure all the royals would like more privacy at some time or other. That's much different from publicly "whining" about it, and I don't think Beatrice was doing that here.

(Also, can you imagine what the headlines would have been like if Beatrice had said "oh I love the fact that being royal gives me all this free publicity and I'm happy to be in the spotlight"!) ;)
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