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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 2 of the thread for News about Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar!

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** Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar News Part 1: June 2016 - December 2023 **

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Swedish Gala magazine:
The pictures speak for themselves. It really is sibling love between Estelle and Oscar. The fact that Estelle and Oscar seem to have different personalities doesn't affect their sibling love and in the pictures you can clearly see how much fun they seem to have together. Gala's favorite pictures of Estelle and Oscar together.
GALAs favoritbilder på Estelle & Oscar tillsammans - GALA magasin
The court publishes lovely photos of Estelle and Oscar on Estelle's birthday. Now when there is snow in Sweden, it's great that they have taken photos outdoors.
H.R.H. Princess Estelle turns 12
The princess celebrates her 12th birthday privately with her family.
The pictures are taken by H.R.H. The Crown Princess in January and February.
HQ photos can be loaded from court press room

Short clip of the family skiing + photos

Östergötland's governor Carl Fredrik Graf has sent a telegram and a bracelet from the Linköping company Just Wood with the theme agenda 2030.
The bracelet and the number 17 in the bracelet stand for the 17 global goals and how we, each and together, can contribute to a sustainable development for our world and future generations to live and work in, says Carl Fredrik Graf.
The bracelet, in wood, has been manufactured with consideration for people and the environment.
Carl Fredrik Graf: "The County Administrative Board always looks forward to visits from the Royal House and not least from the Duchess of Östergötland, Princess Estelle, whom we all congratulate on her birthday."

Johan Tegel, the deputy director of court's information department, told to Svensk Damtidning that Victoria and Daniel arrive from their visit to California to celebrate Estelle, they should be in Stockholm at lunch time.

Grattis Estelle 12 år! Kungafamiljen visar upp härliga stunden på isen _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Royal expert Claes-Johan Larsson talked about Estelle and her life at TV4 News morning today.
Så firar prinsessan Estelle sin 12-årsdag
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I especially like the photograph of Prince Oscar poking his head through the opening with all the snow around him. He is a very happy and enthusiastic boy.
In connection with Estelle's birth, Dagens Industri set aside SEK 100,000 to be managed in shares until Estelle's 18th birthday. In 2030, she will be allowed to donate the saved sum to a charity of her choice.

Di's Estelle portfolio, with ten value stocks, continues to deliver nice returns at low risk. Since the start, it is up over 300 percent and a new dividend record awaits in the spring.
Now the portfolio is worth SEK 413,000.
Estelle had earrings from Maria Nilsdotter on the King's birthday

They are similar to Victoria's Maria Nilsdotter earrings
It seems that Estelle borrowed on her visit to Market Art Fair her mother's Maria Nilsdotter Spinning World Necklace.
Someone has painted a portrait of Estelle (from the photo published on her 8th birthday).
The Rose "Royal Estelle" is named after Princess Estelle of Sweden and has won a prize in the prestigious competition held in Baden Baden, Germany.
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