Princess Dina Abdul-Hamid (King Hussein's first wife):Dec 15, 1929 - Aug 21, 2019

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:eek:Wow! i still cannot beleve every times ive seen these picturs am taken by how much prince hamzah and pnoor
look like them back from then. very great pics again thank you.
Not that much ... i think QD is more beautiful !!!!!!:flowers::)
Thank you very much for those pictures, but what i meant when i said a recent picture of Queen Dina what i meant was is there a recent picture of her after the divorce from the king, at the marriage of her daughter, and after the king's death ?
What a great photo. I love the candid snapshots so much more than posed pictures. This shows what an attractive lady she was even into her older years.
Death of Princess Dina Abdul-Hamid (Former Queen of Jordan): August 21,2019

Princess Dina bint Abdul-Hamid, the former queen of Jordan & mother of Princess Alia Bint Al Hussein died today:

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In addition to the & crown prince, the funeral was also attended by Princess Alia`s sons, Prince Feisal, Prince Hamzah, Prince Hashem Bin Al Hussein, Prince Hassan, Prince Rashed & Prince Ali Bin Nayef.

The Royal Hashemite Court announced on Wednesday that condolences over the passing of Her Highness Princess Dina Abdul Hamid will be accepted at the home of Her Royal Highness Princess Alia bint Al Hussein in Hummar on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, for women from 2pm to 5pm, and for men from 6pm To 9pm.
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