Princess Christina and Family, Current Events Part 2: January 2019 - present

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Roger Lundgren, royal expert and author of the King's biography, attended at princess Christina's book release party. Roger with Christina:
"Princess Christina has published her third book! This time about Queen Josefina! Nice party at Slottsbacken."


Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid were today as guests at TV4's Nyhetsmorgon/News norning, to talk about their book.
Jenny Strömstedt asked: Firstly: How do you want to be addressed?
- It will go very well with Christina! answers princess Christina.
- It will go well with Christina? How nice. Then we have it in place. We're not used to having a royal visit here in Nyhetsmorgon, says Jenny with a small laugh.
- Yes, but we'll have to change that just in case! Christina states then.
Christina tells that they have collaborated on two books in the past that have dealt partly with Drottningholm Palace and its history, and partly with a book about her grandmother. And then they also talked about Josefina, as she was called when she came to Sweden. And then they considered that this would be an exciting personality to try to approach. Christina has tried to reach Josefina through generations, there is a difference of six generations.
Prinsessan Christina om vikten att omfamna släkthistoria_ ”Både det ljusa och det mörka” TV4 Play
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Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid were on Sunday November 26 at Hedvig Eleonora Parish Hall to tell about their book "Joséphine".

Yesterday evening princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid were at St Eugenia's Catholic Parish in Stockholm to tell about their book. That's why only Tord Magnuson attended the concert with the royal family.
Princess Christina and Tord Magnuson have for a long time had a third family member, dog Nero. Last summer Nero died.
But now princess Christina and Tord have welcomed a new addition to the family. Tord tells that of course there are certain feelings, but now it is like that. It's great fun, the puppy is happy, lively, kind and friendly.
The little puppy is a jack russel like Nero and Tord says: Once a jack russel, always a jack russel.
Their new little friend is five months old, called Trixie. They have had it for two months. She has Nero's old toys so it's going well, says Tord.
Princess Christina and Tord will attend the Nobel Prize ceremony. Tord says that it's always festive with Nobel.
Prinsessan Christinas familjelycka – nya tillskottet efter sorgen _*Svensk Dam
Princess Christina delivered prizes and Academy's Sign of Merit in Gold at the formal gathering of The Royal Swedish Academy of Music on November 27.
"The diplomas were awarded by Princess Christina Mrs. Magnuson to musicologist Carl Holmgren, musicologist Margareta Jersild, piano pedagogue Patrick Jovell, rhythmic pedagogue Annika Josefsson, music pedagogue Maria Ringsén and percussion teacher Lennart Gruvstedt."

Princess Christina delivers prizes at 1.23.08
Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid have been interviewed by Kyrkans Tidning, an editorially independent newspaper with the Church of Sweden and ecclesiastical issues as its main areas of coverage.

A headstrong woman with high integrity, who fought for her faith in an intolerant Protestant Sweden.
To draw the image of Queen Josefina, Princess Christina has used her own experience of court life to get close to her. Distant in time – but close to me is the subtitle of the book. Because it is strange this time, says Christina who sat on her great-grandfather Gustav V's lap who in turn sat in his grandmother Josefina's lap. Josefina, born Joséphine, goddaughter of Napoleon. The final feeling for Christina is that it is not so far away, the generations flow together in terms of time.
It's the third time for Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid, former head of culture at Svenska Dagbladet and cultural councilor in London. After books about Drottningholm Palace and Christina's grandmother Margareta, it's Queen Josefina, or Joséphine, the name she herself used and also the authors, that captured their fascination. The idea has been with them for quite some time. Even when they wrote their first book, they thought Joséphine was an interesting person, but other things got in the way. When they were asked by the publisher about another book, Christina at least had a pretty clear idea of ​​who she wanted to write about.
Christina talks about the many purely physical bonds that exist between her and Joséphine: The have lived in the same house, on the same floor of Stockholm Palace, they have lived in Haga, Christina has gone to the school that Joséphine helped set up.
About their creative process they say:
- I talk a lot, says Christina and laughs. You are sharp and experienced interviewer, Carl Otto. You quickly pick up on what I say, think and think and then put it in print and then process the text a couple of times.
- It's a different book in that way, says Carl Otto Werkelid. We didn't want to repeat what we did last time when we read a lot in the archives about Crown Princess Margareta. The idea this time was that it would be Christina's image of this person who is at the same time a relative and a historical person.
A lot more about the book and Joséphine at the interview:
Drottning Josefinas liv skildrat genom prinsessan Christinas blick _ Kyrkans Tidning
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Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid were today at Gamla Stans Bokhandel, a bookstore in the Old Town, to sign their books.
"Parts of the royal family visiting Princess Christina mrs Magnuson & Carl Otto Werkelid signed books they have now written three books together: Josephine, Daisy and Days on Drottningholm. If you missed this unique opportunity, we have some signed copies in the store, welcome."
Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid were yesterday at Äppelvikens Bokhandel bookstore in Bromma.
"Tonight we got a fantastic history lesson about Queen Joséphine, married at the age of 16 to Oskar I, a woman who did an incredible amount of good in what was then a poor Sweden. Thank you Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid for coming and telling us. A royally lovely evening"
Hacker group Medusa threatens to leak tens of thousands of files with information from the private hospital Sophiahemmet, if they are not paid. Medusa wants around SEK 10 million in order to access the data or ensure that it is deleted. About 20 screenshots have been published on the hidden part of the internet, called the darknet, as proof that Medusa has the information they claim.
In screenshots there is a list with a number of names, including Princess Christina's, who was honorary chairman of the Sophiahemmet foundation for over 40 years.
Tord Magnuson says that they don't know about this. He confirms that both he and Princess Christina are patients at Sophiahemmet's family doctor practice. Tord doesn't think Christina is particularly nervous that someone would steal something and publish something from there.
Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid tell at Hemmets Journal about their book of Joséphine.
Princess Christina says that they are very happy about the fantastic richness of images in the book. The photographs not only illustrate Joséphine's life, but a very eventful and exciting time in Sweden's history. And the cover is really nice. Joséphine was only 15 years old when this young man, who was quite handsome at the time, came to visit. She fell for Oscar's charm. Considering that she hadn't met many men before, he was perhaps her very first crush. At the same time, she was well aware that a marriage would be arranged for her and that she had to cope with it as best she could. It was just the way it was.
Princess Christina gets the St. Erik's Medal
Since 1938, the City of Stockholm's municipal executive committee has awarded the St. Erik's Medal to Stockholmers who, through their activities or contributions, are considered deserving of such an award from the city.

Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson is a respected and well-loved representative of Sweden with a strong commitment to civil society, including as working board chairman for the Swedish Red Cross. In the cultural sphere, Princess Christina has promoted Ulriksdal Palace Theater and Dansmuseet and as an author she contributes to public education about the royal cultural heritage, which is a central part of the capital's history and attractiveness as a world destination.

The Medal ceremony is held on 18th May, on the Name Day of Erik.
King Carl Gustaf got the Medal in 2002.
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Tord Magnuson is a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Board of Recommendation.
Tord visited The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands on 22th November 2023.

At his visit to The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands in January Tord shared his perspective on mentorship.
”It is amazing to watch intelligent young people grow and see them dare new things” says Swedish business executive Tord Magnuson.
Parallel to his engagement in Swedish business and foundations, such as YPO and Interpeace, Tord Magnuson has a passion for mentoring young entrepreneurs.

It's great to see that Tord (he has today his 83rd birthday) is still involved in business. He is the Chair of Interpeace Sweden and a Board member at Sweden and Euro Chapters of YPO/WPO (World President's Organization).

Princess Christina and Tord Magnuson attended the Rainbow Gala at the Scala Theater in Stockholm.
PPE Agency
Princess Christina and Tord Magnuson attended the Rainbow Gala at the Scala Theater in Stockholm.
PPE Agency
Princess Christina delivered the Rainbow Prize at the Gala
"The first Rainbow Prize has been awarded to NC SOS working in the North Caucasus!
Tonight, the first ever Rainbow Gala was held. There, the first Rainbow Prize of SEK 100,000 was awarded and a fantastic sculpture made by @markusemilsson for NC SOS @ncsosorg which helps LGBTQ people to escape persecution and violence in the North Caucasus. Thanks to Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson who presented the important prize."

About Regnbågsfonden (Rainbow Fund)
The foundation’s purpose is to financially help LGBTQ organizations around the world, as well as individuals, preferably in countries where rainbow people are persecuted and harassed by authorities, police and religious institutions.

Today princess Christina has been with Carl Otto Werkelid at The International Club in Stockholm's event at Odd Fellows' premises. They talked about their book "Joséphine". Hopefully we get some photos.
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Princess Christina handed out The Royal Patriotic Society's Trade and Industry Medals at Riddarhuset (The House of Nobility) on May 13 at the Society's annual event at Moderna Museet.

Johan Axelsson and Stefan Axelsson, Alexelent Group

Helena Casserlöv-Kvist, Meritmind

Bertil Edner and Britt-Marie Forsberg, Bona

David Ekelund and Eliza Törnkvist, Icebug

Bo Wiklund and Jonas Wiklund, Wibax

Princess Christina got the St. Erik's Medal yesterday at Stockholm City Hall.
Since 1938, the City of Stockholm's municipal executive committee has awarded the St. Erik's Medal to Stockholmers who, through their activities or contributions, are considered deserving of such an award from the city.
Pic 1
Pic 2
Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid were on Thursday May 23 at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg to tell about their book "Joséphine". Photos by Solveig Aplander Rosencrantz.
Princess Christina and Tord Magnuson will be celebrating their golden wedding shortly (June 15). This kind of grand spectacle requires detailed planning. Tord Magnuson is convinced that it will be a memorable day.
- We will celebrate together with the family. Our children and grandchildren. If you want to celebrate a golden wedding, you have to be a little prepared, that's clear, says Tord to Svensk Damtidning and tells that he is very proud to have been married to Christina for so long. Tord doesn't know the recipe for a happy marriage exactly, but he thinks a lot is about taking care of each other and being there as a support. You have to understand each other.
Svensk Damtidning tells that princess Christina and Tord Magnuson celebrated their golden wedding last weekend in Bergslagen with their closest family.

Tord tells about the lovely weekend:
- Everything was just fine, I can't point out any specific detail. Everything was fun, there was good food and the children and grandchildren thought it was nice. I am happy. It was only with the Magnuson family together.
Restaurateur Carl Jan Granqvist told them about the history surrounding the Magnuson family's connection to Bergslagen. The whole idea with this golden wedding was for the Magnuson family to learn about their roots in Grythyttan. The family visited the Nobel Museum in Filipstad and Alfred Nobel's home at idyllic Björkborns Herrgård, among other things. The three-day celebration ended with a Te Deum in Grythyttan's church. Granqvist tells that it was very beautiful to see the family around the altar, where the priest assumed that if love is united in a marriage that has lasted 50 years, then you see the cornerstone of building of society.
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How lovely that the family was able to celebrate together.

A completely unrelated question: why and how did Tord become the consul-general for Mauritius (in Sweden) and representative of Air Mauritius in Sweden?
Vicky Andrén Magnuson posted a photo of her daughter Désirée, princess Christina's granddaugher:
Four magical years at the wonderful Djurgården School. Sad to leave, but new adventures await around the corner.
Royal expert and author Roger Lundgren has posted to his Instagram some days ago:
"Today we celebrate the best friends, best princess Christina and Tosse Magnuson, who are celebrating their golden wedding! Congratulations!"
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