Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 7: November 2012 - March 2013

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The Princess looked very serene today at the Vatican.
Charlene looks very regal today - love the black mantilla. However i am even more confused as she wore white to the audience with the previous pop and then black to this mass. Yet it was announced she had been granted privilege du blanc - so why not white today?
Having the right to wear white does not mean you are obligated to do so.
Very regal and elegant look for Charlene at the Inauguration Mass.
I am glad she wore black yesterday. It is a much more elegant look than the white although she did look quite nice in January. I think as a woman ages the white dress and mantilla gets harder to pull off. Paola looked hippy in her white day dress and MT looked very short and stout especially since she chose to wear a long white gown. The older they get the look becomes very Miss Haversham, bride left at the altar. Black would have been much better on both those ladies.
Yes I'm in agreement about the makeup - not just the lipstick actually, perhaps it's the photo, but I think the whole effect is rather overdone. Like the suit though.
Beautiful, stunning suit. Fits so well and I do like the make up for an interesting look.

Charlene at the inauguration mass of Pope Francis today, March 19, recycling her lovely black coat:

** Full view ** October 2012 **

The coat is nice, the mantilla not too much. The lace is a bit too tight and too long.


Princess Charlene at the 'Ladies Lunch Monte Carlo' today, March 21, wearing a very nice female suit:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up **

Like the suit without the detailing on top by the neck. It looks odd and it ages her, it's more suitable for someone older than Charlene. Like the colour of the suit. Agree about the lipstick, it doesn't seem to look good, esp with nude shoes.
I really like the blue-grey suit. Charlene looks very elegant.
I'm getting on and have reached the stage where people are wearing what I wore 30 years ago. On that basis alone I love the suit. Mine was olive green - even more military but if you have a waist, this is a v feminine look. She looks good.
Not too sure about the whole look, but Albert certainly is LOVING what he sees!! lol I will reserve my judgement until later..
I like the jacket.

I've described this elsewhere as biker chick meets Jean Harlow.
I think she needs styling advice from a professional.

I don't mind the leather jacket over the dress, it's the shawl/neck brace thing that makes the dress look awful.
I'm loving the biker jacket and that's about it. If there wasn't that huge choker on the dress, if it were a simpler diamond necklace like Char's, it'd look much better.
Did she borrow that outfit from Cher :D
Its not a choker, its part of the dress its got matching should pads
Oh dear. The only word I can think of is 'tacky'.
Do not like this look on her. Dress does nothing for her, jacket is ok w/o dress and on a day look.
Nothing about it is good. Hair, makeup, no jewelry to speak of
One of her worst outfits, sorry Charlene!
Bye Bine
The biker jacket looks silly over the evening dress, I won't even call it fashionable. The dress seems on the bust looks odd but the skirt part looks nice. Necklace with shoulder beads is way over the top. She doesn't seem to be able to pull it off. Th make up is
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