Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 19: May 2023 -

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A great look. The colour is one I don’t recall seeing her wear before and it’s very becoming.
She looks incredible, her taste these days is superb. Unfortunately she has off days that are hard to fathom when she will wear a total monstrosity (Paris recently)but these are getting fewer.
Princess Charlene at the 7th edition of the Monaco E-Prix in Monaco today, April 27:

** Full view ** Full view ** Upper part **

Charlene at the inauguration of the new fire and rescue boat of the Monaco firefighters today, May 4:

** Pic **

And at the award ceremony of the International Dog Show that same day:

** Full view **
I am loving Charlene's personal style and am amazed at how versatile her hair style is. But check out the above photos, particularly the second. The whole family look both elegant and very happy.

Not one of her best looks and hopefully the suit will be left behind in Paris!
!Right along with the personal dresser that chose it
Charlene in a blue trouser suit at the Monaco Grand Prix
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Yes, you’re right about it being a jumpsuit. Stylish but the cut seems to make her look larger than she is. Love the earrings and style of her sunglasses. It’s a lovely honed look..
I'm not really a jumpsuit fan but I like this one, I think she looks great!
I find the crusted jewelled neckline and the cut out shoulders jars, rather than contrasts ,with the simplicity of the rest of the gown. Perhaps it’s the cut out shoulders rather than the embellished bit that’s the issue. It’s not one of my favourite looks on her. (I like that Albert has a matching bow tie).
Charlene in a blue trouser suit at the Monaco Grand Prix
The colour and hairstyle are wonderful,I'm just not crazy about jumpsuits.
The dress at the gala was almost gorgeous but those cut out shoulders spoil it for me.
I agree it is not one of her best outfits; but seeing her smiling and so relaxed and happy makes up for all the other things. In my modest opinion seeing her enjoying life more than makes up for all the rest! May we continue to see her like this and better! God bless her and all her family.
Charlene at the Grand Prix Gala yesterday, not sure about it yet, the glitter is nice, the red is nice, but the upper part combination looks a bit too experimental at first sight. Maybe it‘ll convince me at a second look later on ;)
I wasn't crazy about the upper part but the rest of the look is really glamorous.
That’s a lovely colour and the cut of the suit is very flattering .
Yes, she looks so good. A very pretty hairstyle . I really like the dress, but without wishing to be prudish perhaps it would benefit from some padding in the bodice.
Unusually for Charlene, I think the earrings, though lovely, aren’t as striking as some of the gorgeous pairs she has worn over the years.
Edited to say on closer inspection I have revised my initial opinion - they are certainly striking for the size of those stones!
Lovely dress, it is minimalistic style she pulls off well. I love her hairstyle too 🌷
A really beautiful appearance and hairstyle on Princess Charlene!
A nice outfit and colour on Princess Charlene!
Had it been a dress it would have been a winning look at the Sorbonne University in Paris
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