Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 19: May 2023 -

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She’s looking good. The jacket looks as if it has some nice detailing.
The jacket is really lovely and I'm loving Charlene's hair with length in it.
It’s the top section that isn’t a good fit including the sleeves. Otherwise I like the colour with matching shoes.
I think it’s an elegant dress. It just needed to be tailored a bit on the top. The color looked good on her.
Nice look, although it reminded me of the POW's 'James Bond' dress.
Might have just been the glitter.
She was gorgeous, to say the least! Sheer and sublime from the top of her head to the tip of her toes! Bravo Charlene! :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::rose2::rose2::rose2::rose2::rose2::rose2::rose2::rose2:
Charlene visiting the Franco-Monegasque Psychiatry Day Centerof children and adolescents in Beausoleil today, March 29:

** Full view **
A nice look on the Princess for the visit!
A nice look for Princess Charlene at the opening of the Amazónico restaurant and bar in Monaco - a nice mixture of modern and elegant:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

And at the presentation of the Red Cross diplomas on April 3:

The top half is really nice ,but not crazy about the leather leggings.
I don't care for the leather either; the top looks rather bulky and doesn't go with the leggings, imo.
I love the jacket not so sure about the leggings but they fit her.
If she had worn this to something more formal I wouldn't have liked it but this was a night out at a restaurant, essentially, so I think she looks nice.
The leather leggings were perfect for the event. It wasn't a formal to-do, and it's not like they're ill-fitting or showing off anything inappropriate. I wish I had the figure to pull them off!
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