Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 14: July 2016 - February 2017

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Isn't this hat the hat of the traditionnal monegasque costums for women?
Isn't this hat the hat of the traditionnal monegasque costums for women?

I did remind me of that too.

Perfect national day outfit!
I hope to see her tonight at the opera.
She gets lovelier & lovelier as each year passes, if that's even possible. And like her nephew's wife, Beatrice, she cannot put a foot wrong. She was born to be a princess! :princess3:
I don't like her ensemble today. The coat dress is not bad, but imo, black should not be worn to such a festive event. The hat is something different, and she was bold to wear it, but I think it doesn' suit her, I'm afraid.

I wish she had worn that gorgeous Armani suit agains she wore at the National Day in 2010.
I loved todays outfit, very pretty and flattering and she wore it well but on such a happy day, I think black was the wrong choice, minus the hat, she looked like she was mourning.
Lovely coat I love the hat but I really still hate her hair!
She is the most elegant of all, she is chic with the hat, gloves and pearls collor all was perfect
She is lovely from head to toe. Except this horrid plastic lipstick
Lovely and elegant as usual. And even more beautiful when she smiles so often as she did today. I think her choice of hat broke the monotony of the all black outfit.

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I'm not a fan of her outfit, I'm afraid. Her coat is nice but it could have been in a more festive color. As for the hat.. it's way too small!!
I'm probably in the minority here but I don't like the hat,but the rest of the outfit is spot on for National Day!
I agree An Ard Ri! The rest of the Princess' outfit is perfect. It's a nice thought for the hat to resemble traditional Monégasque attire but the overall look is a mismatch.
I adore that hat! Did anyone else notice that the pin is there with then without the order ribbon?
I think Charlene's latest outfit was beautiful. It was simple but elegant; and sophisticated too.
:previous: Wow! Charlene looks absolutely beautiful. Her dress looks quite magical to me - almost like the kind of dress a princess in a fairytale would wear (yes, I know, that's a cliche comparison ;)).
Her day outfit is perfect. She looks chic and elegant. And I am in love with the hat. Top choice for the day, but Beatrice and Alexandra come close. I have no issue with black. Black is not just for mourning. Looks fantastic.

The opera look is stunning as well. She always looks fabulous in gowns :flowers:
I love the opera gown, particularly without the coat. It sets off the sash perfectly

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Wow... Absolutely breathtaking!! Love the softer lipstick!
Both outfits were wonderful. I would have preferred not a black coat for the day, but the hat was perfect and a lovely touch. Also liked the cut of the coat, the nice lapels and the perfect way the dress underneath and the string of pearls framed her face. Nice low heeled shoes too. The evening outfit was perfection, the gown seemed so fluid, white and then the red sash, and the lovely fluid coat, must have been cashmere.
The cordon of Princess Charlène should be shortened somewhat (see the cordon of Princess Caroline) but it is a very glamorous look. Wonderful.
I like a lot Charlene's look for the evening. It's a look she has worn quite often, but it never goes wrong for these evening events!
I wasn't keen on the evening coat (but it's November so I get it) but I loved the dress (something I never thought I would say about an Akris creation!) I think the placement of her sash is fine, it gives a pop of colour and allows that beautiful star-shaped award/jewel to stand out.
I dont care much for her gown and the coat but her overall styling was spot on.
I too wasn't mad about her white gown,perhaps long white evening gloves might have improved the look.
wow. charlene being her usual amazing self! loved the dress and coat combination in all white, highlighting the monaco sash. this lady has got it. flawless! i would not be surprised if anna wintour asks her to grace the cover of vogue soon. :)

Wow! When I see her looking like this I can't help but think of the young girl from Benoni who spent her days in a far she has come!

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agreed! when i see pictures of her first appearances, i am always amazed at how far she has come. from olympic swimmer to princess of monaco, and doing amazing at both.
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