Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 14: July 2016 - February 2017

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Of course...her hair is too short. I prefer the longer, softer look. But I thought the gala gown was nice, showed off her perfect figure. And her outfit at the horse racing event was elegant and practical.
Now the horse racing outfit I really like. Chic abd modern.

Even when I hate what she wears, what I love about Charlene is she takes chances. Definitely very modern princess. Some other royaks take chances from time to time but not at her level.
Yes, it is a shame she has her hair so short, but it will grow if she does not cut her hair before
The dress is nice and the earings that she already wore at an event are stunning.I think that she needed a collar

To day at the charity Mile, I found her very nice and elegant
She was better than yesterday evening.
PCh's dress choice was really unfortunate. IMO, most women would look terrible in this type of dress. Her hair is too short. She can look nicely with short hair, but this style is too boyish looking for her.
BTW, who is the woman in green dress next to PCh?
Princess Charlene's lips look fuller somehow:whistling:
I think she looks terrific and that her hair is fine. It is darker than before, possibly her natural color.
I don't like black at the racetrack.
I agree with a previous poster that her makeup should be adjusted with the new hair color
I love the jumpsuit and jacket - not sure that it was quite the right outfit for the event but whatever... she looked fabulous. The tailoring is superb. Her make up was much better than for the previous night.

As to her hair, I like both cut and new colour but can't help thinking that it would look better if she went back to less round face.
I've always been a fan of PC's fashion choices, but so far this year she hasn't hit the mark (for me, anyway). That very severe hair cut definitely has something to do with it. [emoji22]
I like this and I think it fits in her wheelhouse. Granted, you would not see snake print this way on any other royal lady, but Charlene is bringing it her own way. And I doubt you see it again much on Charlene. But as a one off, it is not dreadful black in the winter, it fits perfectly, it's not the same old, same old and the fabric is very moderne. Yes, I agree the look is a bit retro, but the fabric is very today. How could you not know this woman is the Princess in the room? My goodness, can this woman wear clothes!
I'm not surprised that ugly dress is Akris. I hope she's not going back to their clothes as she's been dressing so much better since she stopped using them so much.
JMO, but hair is too short and too dark, even if it's her natural color. I think she looked better as a blond. I also do not like the dark lipstick, not flattering at all. (..)
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I like the dress. I always try to see the couleur locale: this was no State Evenement but "just" a fundraising gala for AMREF. The dress was perfect for this occasion, to my personal opinion.
Not a fan of her Akris gown. Or her hair or red lips. Just too severe looking. And it is just getting worse.
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