Princess Charlene Current Events Part 4: April 2019 -

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No, it was very rarely that the pic nic took place in august, it is Always at the beginning of september , the monegash people are in in holidays in august and there would not be enough people attending if it would be in august
Last year, it was august 31 th because the prince had to travel in China september 1st
This year, it is september 6th at the parc Princesse Antoinette , my friend received the invitation which said that it is on september 6th

I don't understand why you always need to start arguments. In 2015 the Picnic took place on August as well as last year. So it DOES take place in August sometimes.
I needed to start my arguments because C4A was right , august beeing holidays times, the dates od this pic nic is very rarely in august and when it is in august, it is the last Week of this month

But I doubt that the number of times is very important for the people on Royal forums, they wanted to know WHEN the pic nic will take place this year

The pic nic will take place on september 6th, nobody knew it, I know It, I gave the date
Very nice to see her again, as I don't understand italian (maybe it's in the video..), what is the connection between Monaco and Isola del Gran Sasso?
Τhe red cross of the Μonaco was among those who donated for the new school.
Τhe red cross of the Μonaco was among those who donated for the new school.

Ah, thank you! And P.Albert is the president of the Monaco Red Cross, I understand

Princess Charlene also received the CRI gold medal. More photos from the event:

It's good to see her out and about, but good god woman, share a small smile with us when you are honored,722&ssl=1

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Its been so long since she attended a solo event (pub last week not counted) and nice to finally see her back doing duties after so a long sabbatical.
Well; that long face certainly isn't helping Charlene with the marriage rumours...!

The article says that she was unapprochable by all the people gathered and almost all the media present. Only two (one from the Principality) were allowed to. What a difference compared to the other royals ?
Something seems very wrong with her. We'll see her soon again, Nov 19th. Maybe there is a change until then.
She’d look more animated in a pub or in South Africa. That’s her kind of place.

Her face in Italy will be the same face comes the National Feast Day. People shouldn’t act surprised and disappointed on her every time. It’s been like that post marriage. She was more animated pre-marriage engagements.
Why do people always automatically assume that problem-if there is indeed one-is her marriage?:bang:
Whenever she is pictured with her husband she looks/behaves no different than she ever does.

I just think to automatically assume there are marital problems is just wrong.

I think it's probably something else.:ermm:
There's no law requiring people smile when they have their picture taken. Many people, myself included, avoid smiling on pictures for different reasons.
absolutely, but P.Charlene does not structurally avoid smiling on pictures, see for instance

It just would have been nice for the organisation of the event who honor her with a medal, to try and crack a smile for a photo, but you are right, there (fortunately :lol: ) is no law

But who knows on National Day later this week, maybe she has refound her good mood there :flowers:
What is wrong with this woman? It's written all over her "I hate what I'm doing,". Don't bother in the future. :bang:
Probably because of the persistent rumors concerning the state of their marriage.

Like many I was surprised to see Charlene not even faking it at this point. She couldn't even pretend to smile with the darling little girl that presented her with the bouquet.

Agree with this. Anyone who has followed the Monegasques for more than a few years would be aware of these rumours - that she tried to run away before the wedding, etc, etc. Whilst they're just that, rumours, Charlene certainly doesn't do herself any favours in trying to quash them, as I previously said.
They can never win. When sunny Máxima smiles her 10.000 megawatt smile there are folks critizing her for unroyal behaviour, showing her gums, whatever. When introvert Charlène keeps a restraint and poised attitude she is slashed down equally. Pfff. The opening of the new school was a great succes and all had a nice day. That is what counts.
With Charlene I think it's a few different things from different places. Her disappearing for months at a time, even for events or occasions where a consort would normally attend, her seeming bored or miserable at many official events starkly contrasted with things where she is clearly enthusiastic and doesn't mind who knows - like being in SA or recently the rugby. And yes combined with the insane rumours just pre marriage, doesn't help.

People do tend to forget or gloss over the times when she's look happy or content at public events and it's might be very unfair to moan about her facial expressions but I can see why assumptions are made from various factors.
:previous: this..
she doesn't seem shy at certain events, for instance
Noone is asking her to be exuberant, but it would be nice is she had even 1% of the polite and civil touch that her husband shows in public, who seems genuinly interested at every event (probably also has topics that don't really interest him, but he manages to have the people who invite him feel like he enjoys being there.)

Introvert is something different from being shy by the way, I'm very introvert, but that doesn't mean that I don't smile or communicate when people invite me somewhere, it's just that at some point afterwards I regain energy by being on my own for a while.
P.Charlene may well be an introvert (can't tell from the outside), but that doesn't mean she can't show appreciation when a host honors her like in Italy..

But again, it's well possible that at the last event in Italy she didn't feel well or had a bad day, let's wait what happens at National Day :flowers:
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Very nice pic that! Not long to wait for this year's :flowers:
Here's a video report about the inauguration in Isola del Gran Sasso:

::previous: maybe a dumb question but what is it that Charlene writes after her first name on the signature wall (end of the vid)?
Previous to watching the video I was prepared to go along with the comments made that the Princess had been caught off guard with isolated pictures depicting hands in pocket/ lack of interaction/ barely smiling . However, the footage suggests this was very much the way of the visit. What a shame for all those excited children.
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