Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 3: January 2017 - April 2019

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P Charlene visited the Monaco Impis at a training session and presented them with their kit for the upcoming tournament

Thank you for the video C4A, this team was an idea of Princess Charlene, in the rugbt team there are south africa and monegash rugbymen, they will take part to the international rugbys 7 at Dubai this week.
P Charlene visited the Monaco Impis at a training session and presented them with their kit for the upcoming tournament

Thank you! That's the visit Charlene shared a photo of one week ago, see melina premiere's post of November 23 on top of this page.
Agree the Foundation deserves its own thread. More on the fifth anniversary of the PCMF:

Wishing the Princess and her Foundation many more years of continuing their wonderful work.
I read that the annual Christmas charity ball at the Hotel de Paris will again this year be in aid of the PC foundation. I think the ball is tonight so we can watch out for pictures later, I Ioved the ones from last year, Charlene's gown was lovely and the venue was so Christmassy
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:previous: Charlene is looking radiant! :flowers: Love the longer hair length. Softens her face. Very pretty.
P Charlene looked happy and healthy, nice to see her present at the gala. And well done in raising so much money on the occasion!

Here's a short video report about the gala dinner for the Riviera Water Bike Challenge:

Video of the gala dinner organised by the P Charlene foundation and Riviera water bike challenge to raise money for the foundation of Princess Charlene

Looks like it was a really fun evening. They managed to raise a huge amount of money - well done to all. Looking forward to the actual race, hopefully P Charlene will be able to compete this year.
She looks so confident now .
Princess Charlene visited last month in March South Africa for her foundation, she also visited her uncle, brother of her mother who is pastor in Zambia, he is helping with her wife the poor people who lived in this country. He published on his page of facebook a photo of Charlene visited his pastor assisitant and he told that P Charlene wants ro help them in their project
I hope with the help of the princess, he will be able to do his project

I read on a zambia site that P Charlene gave a donation to a school in Zambia
It must be a wonderful feeling to be able to do so much good...well done to P Charlene
Shame she doesn't get more mainstream press. She has really come into her own and she is not afraid to use her fashion to make a statement. If she were a part of the BRF, she would be iconic by now. Her kids have really seemed to settle her and give her some added confidence. It's a little ironic that she was able to bring back the glamour that none of Grace's kids or grandkids could.
So true. I never thought she would become so elegant and glamorous
Love seeing her blossom.
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