Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 1: July 2011 - December 2013

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An article on Monaco Matin about the travel of the princess Charlene and a photo taken during her visit to the hospital Hassan II

La princesse Charlène au Maroc |
I really like that she works, and doing charity everywhere, she was in Japan, now in Morocco, really great of her.
I can't comment on her look since the picture is small.
we should be getting pics from the gala in few hours.
I agree with TheRoyalCourtier...I greatly admire Charlene's willingness to to to far away places, without Albert sometimes to support causes that she believes in.

She has done this numerous times since the early months of her marriage to Albert.

No matter any other criticisms of the Princess of Monaco, her work ethic and commitment to causes she believes in is beyond reproach, imo.
Moonmaiden23 I don't think that Albert doesn't support her ,he just can't be there with her in everything she does since he works amazingly too,
but the thing is that she doesn't wait for him to have time and come support her,

she does things on her own, and her own way, she has a backbone of her own, I think her career as an athlete helped really well with that.

I love Kate and I'm not trying to compare but unlike Kate, Charlene doesn't wait for Albert to be with her everywhere, and that does NOT mean that their love to each other is any less.
I agree. As Princess of Monaco, Charlene has thrown herself into her royal role. The Duchess of Cambridge isn't in the same position but I think these two women have blown me away on how they have approached their royal duties.

Charlene & Albert do things together but their duties are very demanding and they can't be together all the time. Their scheduals often send Albert one way and Charlene the other. That happens to Sovereign's and their Consorts.

Although, I must say (to me) Charlene sometimes have this certain look in her eyes. It's like sometimes she look lonely. I'm not saying she is but (imo) her eyes tell me a different story.

She's a newcomer and I'm just happy to watch her grow in her royal role.
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I don't think that it is sadness but sweetness, it is her look, she will never have the big smile of Princess Kate of Cambridge.
Look at the photos taken during the pic nic with the monegash people, she had many different looks during this event.
Monte-Carlo Press - Photos | Facebook
The question is, why don't the photos where she looks really happy go all around and get publishes everywhere, It's the first time for me to see those pictures from melina premiere and she looks so lovely in many of them!!!
The reason is because it's more titillating to promote this myth of la princesse triste that's been going around since she married Albert.

Just like the fiction that she was being held against her will by Albert and his sinister circle at the time of the wedding, it sells magazines. :bang:

The truth is a lot more mundane...Charlene's natural personality is reserved and shy...not sparkling and effervescent. :ermm:

TheRoyalCourtier I agree with everything you stated about Albert having his own very full agenda and not being able to be with her all the time. I didn't mean to imply otherwise.

In fact, Albert is probably relieved and proud to have such a wife. He and Charlene are a couple who seem to understand closeness, plus the need for individual expression and outside interests in a marriage.

They are a great team and they work very well together, imo.
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Charlene looks especially lovely in the red dress. I wish we had a picture from the back so that we could see both her dress and her hair. She certainly is a stunning young woman.
Princess Charlene has the advantage of being the princess of a microscopic and wealthy principality.

As much as there are issues and concerns in Monaco, the citizens are nonetheless generally comfortable and properly looked after. She can then spread her wings and travel and involve herself in more global issues without being accused of being disloyal to her prince and the people.

Since Monaco, in its dependence on tourism and its reputation of glamor and wealth, depends on attention and good publicity, Princess Charlene's goodwill acts and the attention it brings definitely help her principality.
I don't like much of Akris designs on Charlene, I much prefer Armani!
I found princess Charlene really getting better & nicer , the red color suits her well , the both outfits or dresses looks elegant & nice on her , I really liked her makeup very nice on her . Thank you for posting .

Here are some more pics of Charlene at the Akris Spring/Summer 2013 show as part of Paris Fashion Week at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris today, September 30, 2012.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** gettyimages gallery **
She looks positively stunning in that wine colored sheath, and her makeup is flawless.:whistling:

I don't know the identity of the woman next to Charlene in that last photo(wearing blue) but I wish someone could advise her how to sit when wearing a dress...especially on the front row.:eek:
Here are three more large pics of Charlene leaving the Akris show (click to enlarge):

** zimbio gallery: Princess Charlene of Monaco at Paris Fashion Week **

And one more gallery:

** Photos : Fashion Week : Charlène de Monaco : passage élégant sur le front row du défilé Akris... **

Later she attended another Fashion Week event:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

And here's a gallery with pics of both events:

** pp: Princesse Charlene : Studieuse, enjouée et doublement chic pour Akris à Paris **
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I like the wine colored dress, I like also the other outfit but I prefered the wine color one . On all the dresses she wore during the week end, I prefer the one she wore on saturday evening at the South Africa Night gala, it was stunnning ans special and unique. It will never look like the dresses that the other princesses could wear. l A part,, a princess could like to wear same dress which could look like to this dress, we never know.
Goodness, her makeup in the closeup is very pretty, especially the eyes. I like both outfits. I wonder if the wine is real suede or UltraSuede. The bronze outfit is unique, although I'm surprised GD Maria-Teresa didn't find it first, very much M-T's style. Charlene just looks better and better.
The bronze outfit on Chrlene is stunning, and, although M-T is very pretty it looks better on Charlene. The wine suede is lovely, too. I, too, don't know whether it is real or synthetic. Just lovely, all around.
I agree that she looks lovely in both outfits. On some of the photos it looks like she's holding the hand of the gentleman with her?
:previous:yes see the posts above we have already talked about it. he is an old friend of Charlene and one of the owners of Akris.
Which posts?
They were deleted by the moderator, the man is peter Kriemler, the owner of Akris and the brother of Albert Kriemler, the designer and also owner of Akris.
Peter Kriemler took the hand of Charlene by the end of her fingers, as he used to hold the hands of the other women to take them to their place.
As Charlene went out , at the end of the show, she held also the hand of his other brother Albert and after she took his arm to go down the stairs. Not to make a fuss.

No posts have been deleted from this thread here. Kit obviously meant the discussion in Princess Charlene's fashion thread - and over there off topic posts have been deleted.
Charlene pranked the journalists before the Akris show.
They wanted to get an interview and she said after the show.
But she left right after the show with Peter Kriemler and didn't say one word to the waiting journalists :ROFLMAO:
On german tv they showed a little video of this.
On Newscom photos, she left the show with Albert Kriemler , the other brother, the designer.
Charlene pranked the journalists before the Akris show.
They wanted to get an interview and she said after the show.
But she left right after the show with Peter Kriemler and didn't say one word to the waiting journalists :ROFLMAO:
On german tv they showed a little video of this.
Foxy her, I like that :D
Although I would have really liked an interview! what's on the video? she telling them after the show?
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