Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 1: July 2011 - December 2013

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South Afrika is her homeland, she represented this country in all of her swimming career. It seems natural to me that she identifies with her sport and the country. I don't see any problem at all, especially since Monaco did not compete. Charlene had a life before she became princess, it would seem rather forced to me if she would not support her ex-team.
I love the way Charlene supported the swimming at Olympics. She is so wonderfully enthusiastic and utterly spontaneous.

Kudos to Albert for being right there beside her!
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:previous: I wondered where she had disappeared to. Well, just think, Serene Highnesses have beloved Granny's too. :flowers:

Princess Charlene with South African Olympic medalist Chad Le Clos at the Pinetown swimming pool (where they both used to train) in Durban, South Africa on August 10, 2012 . Princess Charlene wants to upgrade the facility so that it can produce more talent like Chad Le Clos.

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** Now it's time to cash in **

"I felt so much pride ... there was just so much emotion," she said. She joined the Le Clos family for the medal ceremony, sharing hugs and tears with Chad's father, Bert, as the South African anthem played.

"I couldn't help but cry when I heard the anthem being played in that swimming arena and seeing Chad's face. How proud we are of him and Cameron [van der Burgh]," she said.
She really likes to "work" in Monaco!!
I dont think it really matters where the "work" takes place. Its Charlene's job to create attention that will reflect on Monaco or her status as Princess of Monaco. Charlene is a swimmer and from SA and I dont think Albert or Monaco have any interest to hide or erase this fact, rather the opposite.

I mean, Grace was one big ad for Monaco being the actress she was, although Rainier didnt allow her to act again (and Albert wouldnt allow Charlene to swim again) Grace was often in America, mingling with her showstar friends like Sinatra etc and it brought attention for Monaco too, I see a similarity here, Charlene mingling with former "colleagues" and SA superstars, and I think that this attitude is very welcomed by Albert.
She really likes to "work" in Monaco!!
She may not be working in Monaco but she is surely working for Monaco!

Monaco is the land of conspicuous consumption and Charlene has not really brought in to that aspect. Oh, don't get me wrong, she has attended the requisite fashion shows and sports designer clothing but she has never come across as a show pony. In short, she was not born to it. Princess Grace came from a more than comfortably wealthy background, and despite her father and uncles sporting abilities, centred her life around those of her other uncles, the arts, and that is where she directed her Foundation.

But, the new Serene Highness of Monaco did not come from such an exclusive background. Princess Charlene has given Monaco something to be proud of. She has shown that Monaco has a generous heart and shown that " to whom much is given, much is required". Albert must be so incredibly proud of his wife. She has come from a relatively modest background to the incredible richness that is the way of Monaco but she has not forgotten where she comae from. More, she is sharing the joy and, if the photo's from the Olympics are anything to go by, he gets a real buzz from her doing it.

But, what Monaco provided for the South African Swimming Team, and Charlene facilitated, has not gone unnoticed in the world of sport. It was an act of grace and generosity . . . Charlene continues to be one of Monaco's newest but, by virtue of her position, foremost ambassadors.
Yes, I think Marg makes a good point and it may well be that Charlene will be able to carve a name for herself so to speak through sports' charities and foundations. It is an interest that both she and Albert share and know a lot about.
I can't see any good reason why she should not provide assistance in her home nation which faces many challenges. She went home to attend her grandmothers 91st birthday. She met up with a gold medal winning swimmer from a team she and Albert had previously provided assistance/training facilities/accomodation in Monaco. Providing financial assistance to upgrade a swimming pool for the training of future Olympians will not be costly and is totally in keeping with the spirit of the Olympic movement supported by both the Prince and Princess of Monaco. I fail to see how such generosity could be seen as an opportunity to criticize.
Sorry to be so off-topic but Le Clos is such a hottie, perhaps Charlene can introduce him to Charlotte, hehe.
Wonderfully dressed and wonderful earrings !!!
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After the lovely red, it's back to beige granny clothes.
She looks great! I really like the textured jacket. The skirt has never impressed me, but she likes it and has the figure to wear it.
Does anyone know where in Paris these pictures were taken? It looks quite a residential street. I'm wondering where Albert and Charlene have their Parisian pied-a-terre.

According to the article they were taken in front of their Parisian residence, but there are no additional information given..

Here's another article about the Van Cleef and Arpels Exhibition Launch:

** hellomagazine: Princess Charlene is a dazzling lady in red at Paris party **

** gallery ** svenskdam article **

And yesterday, September 19, Charlene was pictured in Paris again:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
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I adored the red dress and earrings. Then again, put Charlene in a bin liner and she would look stunning.

I love the amused / cheeky smile that she is directing at the camera (Paris trip, Sept. 19th). :D
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