Princess Catharina-Amalia, News and Pictures 2 (January - December 2005)

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Is Princess Amalia actually also 'Jonkvrouw van Amsberg'? And if she's not, why?
Siepie said:
Is Princess Amalia actually also 'Jonkvrouw van Amsberg'? And if she's not, why?
No, it is:

Her Royal Higness Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria
Princess of The Netherlands,
Princess of Orange-Nassau.

After the engagement of WA and Maxima has the goverment decide that ther children only get that 2 titles.
How strange! But I assume the title will be added to the 41 titles of the Queen & thus Catharina-Amalia will inherit it eventually.
I believe the children of Friso and Constantijn have the title already, which can be inhereted through the male line only.
I made this of, Amalia meeting another little girl

juliamontague said:
I made this of, Amalia meeting another little girl

amaliaandgirl9hh.gif young and already a people's princess just like her mom.

i love the way you put these photos together. thanks!
it's a great job! it's so cute to see both girls. Amalia is such a precious little princess!
I was wondering who every one likes the most of the baby's?

Amalia, Elisabeth, Ingrid.... ?
I am completely out of the loop here in Australia so I was wondering where the Crown Princely couple found the inspiration for the name Catherina-Amalia? It's a lovely name, but I haven't been able to yet determine who she is named after. Or perhaps it is a completely original name?
As posted by Henri.M on BRMB :

Posted by henri m. on 2/12/2005, 14:39:28

The Council of Ministers of the Kingdom has decided that on December 7th the kingdom's flag with an orange pennant must be waved in honour of HRH Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands.
This instruction is obligatory for all governemnetal and administrative buildings while provinces and municipalties are requested to follow this instruction as well.

Free flagging:
- April 30th: Queen's Day (with orange pennant)
- May 4th: National Remembrance (halfmast from 18.00 until sundown)
- May 5th: Liberation Day
- August 15th: End of World War II
- (in The Hague only) Third Tuesday of September: Prince's Day

Flagging (on government buildings only):
- Januari 31st: HM The Queen (with orange pennant)
- April 27th: HRH The Prince of Orange (with orange pennant)
- May 17th: HRH Princess Máxima (with orange pennant)
- December 7th: HRH Princess Catharina-Amalia (with orange pennant)
- December 15th: Kingdom's Day
here's the article...

Flag tribute for Princess Amalia's birthday

2 December 2005
AMSTERDAM — From now on government buildings will fly the Dutch flag with orange pennant on the birthday of Princess Catherina-Amalia, the future queen of the Netherlands.
Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende amended the general flag instructions for government buildings to allow the tribute to begin on her second birthday on Wednesday 7 December.
yay! tomorrow is her birthday!

here's another article from a dutch paper.

On Wednesday Amalia, Willem Alexander and Maxima's eldest daughter will turn two. All government buildings will fly the dutch flag along with the orange wimple (a sort of long streamer that flies right above the flag on the pole)

The flags were not flown on Amalia's first birthday because they were still at half mast due to the death of Prince Bernhard.

On December 2 Prime Minister Balkenende gave the order that flag's should be flown for Amalia's birthday. Henceforth they will fly each year on December 7.

Are there going to be other celebrations for her birthday? LIke a party or a relase of new official pictures?
wow!!! that's amazing how you did the pics! little amalia is sooo cute!
Congratulations to Amalia, who is celebrating her 2nd birthday today!
A pity her father won't be able to be with his daughter today btw, he is handing out the Prince Claus awards in The Netherlands.
Wow! Those pictures are fantastic! C-A and Alexia are so cute and Máxima looks fantastic, I love that outfit! :)
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