Princess Catharina-Amalia, News and Pictures 1 (December 2003 - January 2005)

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Wednesday 4 February, new picture of Amalia and a thank-you-letter from Willem-Alexander and Maxima.
And also wednesday at 8.35 pm Willem-Alexander and Maxima will thank everybody for the presents etc. that they receive because of the birth of their daughter Catharina-Amalia on the television (NOS has filmed: in Palace Nooreinde and their Villa Eikenhorst!). I just saw on television already a little part of this special broadcast with Amalia and I can tell you: Amalia is sooooo cute... :wub: :wub: :wub: More Amalia wednesday!!!!!
I have made picture with me digital cam:
not very good photo but you can see amalia, for people who doesn't can wait voor tonight 9:35 ;)

Lovely Amalia :blush: :heart: :flower:


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She is beautiful and so cute :heart: I can't wait to see more pictures.... Tonight I will watch tv. :)
Thank you The Watcher for all these links for the video images of Catharina-Amalia. In the one image you've posted she looks like she's gotten a lot bigger since she was born. And so much dark hair! Adorable!

Originally posted by xxLindaxx@Feb 4th, 2004 - 2:43 pm
Official Photo

i do love that pictures but its really BIGGER pictures of willem and Maxima, Princess Catherina-Amalia its really huge bigger one! i cant believe you cant tell to Alexandra for sakes!

Sara Boyce
Just saw the documentary......she really looks like her grandmother Beatrix!!!!
Prince Willem-Alexander, Princess Maxima and their daughter


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Translation from Benelux Royals Message Board:

Eikenhorst, 4 February 2004

´On the 7th of December I decided that for me it had become time that I should face broad daylight and I was welcomed by my intensely happy parents and a couple of sweet ladies in white coats. More than four hours later I, together with my father, was allowed to stare into the dark eyes of the cameras, to get acquainted with the rest of the Netherlands. Yet another five days later I, wearing a dress of my great-grandfather from a very distant country, got the opportunity to smile at you, together with my parents and grandmothers. From that moment on I have been able to enjoy my early life in wonderful peace in and around De Eikenhorst. ´In peace´... considering circumstances of course. Around Christmas and New Year a lot of dear relatives and friends of my parents came to see me altogether!

Besides, my parents kept being amazed by the immense influx of beautiful flowers, sweet letters and drawings, beautiful gifts and heartwarming wishes in numerous (electronical) congratulation registers, caused by my birth. When I heard that even more good wishes came in than when my parents got married, this secretly made me a little proud!´

In this way our daughter Amalia could have described her life´s first weeks. As her parents we would like to use this opportunity to thank you all very, very heartily for all the support and loving reactions which we were allowed to receive from so many, both before and after Amalia´s birth. Also because of that, we cherish many good memories of this moment which has been so joyful to us´!´

Máxima Willem-Alexander

Official thank-you letter (Dutch)
and the, then, Princess Juliana, Prince Bernhard and their daughter Princess Beatrix.


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For more pictures and video go to this link.

For the video you have to click on "Televisieuitzending 'Voor Amalia' "
Thanks for the link, The Watcher. It worked for me and it was such a treat.

The amount/volume of gifts Amalia got was incredible! Every baby should be so lucky and feel so special and adored!
Amalia just looks a lot like Maxima as a baby. Look at the babyphoto of Maxima and you will see!
Beatrix in het bed van amalia


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Originally posted by Alexandria@Feb 4th, 2004 - 6:55 pm
Thanks for the link, The Watcher. It worked for me and it was such a treat.

The amount/volume of gifts Amalia got was incredible! Every baby should be so lucky and feel so special and adored!
Prince Willem-Alexander told that it was only a small part of all the presents that they receive. The people gave the little princess more than 300.000 congratulalions, present etc. That is so much... :wacko:

Btw. here is a other link to the video. Go to 'Voor Amalia', it worked for me :flower:
"Btw. here is a other link to the video. Go to 'Voor Amalia', it worked for me "

thanks for the link it did work now on my pc as well, i guess there must have been a lot of traffic yesterday, understandably...

anyways, thanks a lot!
Question for dutch people:

Is het ook mogelijk om bij die polfoto foto's te bestellen en zoja wie weet hoe en hoe duur?

Article from Expatica:

Proud royal parents thank nation for best wishes

5 February 2004

AMSTERDAM — Crown Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima publicly thanked the nation on Wednesday night for the presents, letters and best wishes following the birth of their daughter Princess Amalia last year.

During a special appearance on public television station Nederland 2, the popular royal couple said the Netherlands' future queen is doing extremely well, reported Dutch public news service NOS.

"She is perfectly healthy. She doesn't cry much, only if she is hungry. If she eats, she eats a lot. She is increasingly alert and looks with huge curious eyes at the world," proud mother Princess Maxima said.

The Argentinean-born Maxima also said the royal couple's carefree times were behind it: "We are now 100 percent responsible for someone's life, but it is a very happy period."

Maxima also admitted that Prince Willem-Alexander is more practical than herself, joking that she is "little bit Latin" in that respect.

The royal couple were filmed in their Wassenaar mansion Villa Eikenhorst and the royal place Paleis Noordeinde, the royal family's working palace, in The Hague. Footage showed Willem, Maxima and Amalia looking at the large number of presents lining her nursery.

They also admitted being incredilby impressed by the amount of presents as Prince Willem-Alexander showed his daughter gum boots, a swiming life jacket and Friesian iceskates. "You must learn to skate in Friesland," he told her. "Just like your father," Maxima added.

During the broadcast, called Voor Amalia (For Amalia), the crown prince's words also conveyed the feeling that both he and his wife regretted the fact that Prince Claus — the father of Prince Willem-Alexander — did not live long enough to have experienced the birth of his granddaughter.

Prince Claus died in October 2002 after a long battle with illness, but was still alive when his first grandchild Eloise was born. Princess Laurentien, the wife of Claus' youngest son Prince Constantijn, gave birth to Eloise in June 2002.

The broadcast also revealed that Princess Amalia sleeps in a cradle that Queen Wilhelmina received in 1909 for the birth of Princess Juliana, the mother of the present Dutch monarch, Queen Beatrix. Both Prince Willem-Alexander and Queen Beatrix slept in the same cradle.

Meanwhile, the official website of the royal family ( has also published a letter thanking the Dutch nation.

Much of the letter is written as though Amalia herself is speaking, describing her appearance in the arms of her father in front of the nation's media just four hours after her birth. Then press conference was held in the Bronovo Hospital in The Hague, were Amalia was born on 7 December.

It has also been announced that all Dutch municipal authorities will be able to plant an "Amalia tree" in the Spring. The national forestry service, Staatsbosbeheer, and the national tree holiday foundation, Stichting Nationale Boomfeestdag, will make 5m trees available to the nation's municipal councils.

The only conditon is that the trees must be planted by children on national tree day on 24 March.
Thanks for this article xxLindaxx. The Amalia tree idea sounds very sweet -- and so environmentally conscious!

Willem-Alexander Shows He's a Modern Dad

Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander has obviously taken to fatherhood with aplomb. Stepping out with wife Maxima and their new daughter Catharina-Amalia, the future king looked relaxed and comfortable with a baby harness slung around his neck, as he and his family took a stroll around their country residence.

The happy couple also made a televised address to the people of the Netherlands, thanking them for the many gifts and messages of congratulations they have received since Catharina-Amalia was born. To show their gratitude for all the support, the royals have released a series of photographs showing them enjoying some quality time with their new arrival.

It is the first time little Catharina has been photographed since her birth on December 7. Her arrival was marked by lavish celebrations all over the country and a 101 canon salute in The Hague.

The infant will one day become Queen of the Netherlands, because boys and girls have equal rights to accession under the country's constitution. And fittingly she already has her own coat of arms, featuring a shield divided into four blue and beige panels.
without the photographers do you think baby Catharina-Amalia really sleeps in that crib? that looks so...royal and not at all cozy. i have morbid thoughts about it. :huh: really scary crib. :unsure:
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