Princess Caroline & Prince Ernst August Current Events 6 : April 2005 - May 2005

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From CBC news. How terrible for Caroline (and Ernst of course!). What misery she must be going through...

Husband of Monaco's Princess Caroline in intensive-care unit

Last Updated Fri, 08 Apr 2005 12:57:49 EDT CBC News

MONACO - The husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco is in a hospital intensive-care unit, the palace says. Prince Ernst August of Hanover, 51, is seriously ill with an acute pancreas infection, the palace said in a statement on Friday.

[font=verdana,arial]Prince Ernst August of Hanover at the Rose Ball in Monaco, March 2005. (AP photo)[/font]

Ernst August, Caroline's third husband, was admitted to Princess Grace of Monaco Hospital on Monday and moved to intensive care a day later.

The hospital had earlier said the Prince had slipped into a coma early Wednesday, but it didn't mention the coma in Friday's statement.

Princess Caroline is one of two daughters of Prince Rainier III, who died Wednesday at age 81. Rainier's funeral is set to take place next Friday.

He'll be buried beside his wife, former Hollywood movie star Grace Kelly, who died in a car accident in 1982 after having a stroke.
I think this photo really shows what Caroline, Albert and Stephanie are going through at the moment.


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Caroline obviously loves Ernst very much. I pray that for her sake and the children's he recovers soon.


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Thanks for the pix. They do indeed show the strain, stress, and sadness that Caroline, Albert, and Stephanie are going through right now. Hopefully God will touch Ernst and help him recover. Something has got to turn the bad luck around that this family experiences.
I also wish Ernst all the best and that he'll recover soon!
Times are hard enough in Monaco these days...
Oh my God, I just cant belive that! It can´t be true (i hope it is a big liar). It´s uncredible! I heard something on the tv but i don´t belive anithing. This is HORRIBLE, poor Caro, she lost too much people in her life, her mather, Stefano now ranier, and rigt now ernest very bad. It´s so sad.
My prays and all my support are with Caro, and of course with Alex, Cristian, ernest and all his family. specially with EA
I also share your thouhgts too..Hope this bad dream will stop..

My heart goes to Princess Caroline and little Alexandra as to the rest of family..
Wish Prince Ernst all best and soon recovery..
Ernst's condition was reported in TV here too and like Michelle said we should rely on the official communiqués. The press has been saying: cancer or in coma. But the Palais doesn't mention anything about it.

I hope he recovers soon.
I am waiting for the official report too. I will not belive all that bad news until the palace corfirm that.
anyway, our candles our burning for ernest and his family
Here's the communiqué from the Palace.

Secrétariat de
S.A.R. Le Prince de Hanovre

Le vendredi 8 avril 2005


S.A.R. le Prince Ernst-August de Hanovre a été hospitalisé le 5 avril 2005 en début de matinée dans le service de réanimation du Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace pour une affection pancréatique aiguë.

Des examens biologiques, radiologiques ainsi qu'un scanner ont été pratiqués pour préciser le degré de cette affection.

Le Prince est sous surveillance continue ; son état de santé est sérieux et nécessite une prise en charge médicale permanente.

Un nouveau bulletin sera publié ultérieurement.

Professeur Patrick RAMPAL
Dr. Jean Charles BOISELLE
Dr. Jacques JOBARD
Dr. Jean Joseph PASTOR
Thank you monaco70s!. It´s woring but not so bad like the coma and all that.
I hope he recover soon and all that is just a nightmare.
my prays are with him and his family
Sweet Caroline, what horrible things fate throws at you. I hope EA recovers soon. This is just so sad.
That is terribel. My mother is a nurse and she say if is a pancrea probleme he don't have cure and that don't gona stay with us for very long time. That is terrible ... But is the palace that say that is a pancrea infection??? Is not just a rumor??? Have to be a rumor.
I found an article at in which somebody close to Princess Caroline reportedly said that, "This is a new curse to hit her. She's on the brink of breaking down but she always hides her emotions." I feel so sorry for Caroline. She must be feeling that the whole world is against her at the moment and asking God what she has done to deserve all the heartache that she has had in her life. She is in my prayers!


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Thanks budge for the article. I'm sure Caroline is having a very tough time emotionally and mentally because of her father's death and Ernst's problems. And yes she will need all of our prayers.
I cannot imagine losing my father and then my husband being seriously ill at the same time. My prayers are with her also.
Prince Ernst's illness

Allow me to add my concerns for the Grimaldis and Prince Ernst-August to those voiced by fellow board members. We must continue to send them our prayers, as there is documented proof that prayer, especially group prayer, can work wondrous healing miracles!

I do hope that Ernst's pancreatic condition is not cancer. Isn't that the disease that took the life of US television actor Michael Landon (Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie)?
Reuters.UK wrote that Prince EA slipped into coma hours before Prince Rainier passed away. Coma or not, I do hope that he recovers.
I really hope that he recovers as well. It's so incredilby sad. This family has been through alot lately, and Caroline does not need the double whammy of loosing first her father and then her husband. So sad.
The official bulletin.


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Here's a very good article I found in the Globe and Mail in regard to the "prince's pancreas problem":

"Doctors did not reveal the nature of the ... pancreas problem.

The two most common are pancreatic cancer and acute pancreatitis, in which the pancreas suddenly becomes inflamed.
Pancreatic cancer does not usually come on suddenly, although it can cause acute pancreatitis, said Dr. Stephen Bloom of Imperial College in London.

Most cases of acute pancreatitis are caused by alcohol abuse or gallstones. Like cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatitis is a common affliction of the heavy drinker.

But in rare cases, acute pancreatitis can be caused by injury, prescription drugs, parasites or a virus."

Seems to me, as a layman I should note, that Monsiuer Ernst was initially suffering from acute pancreatitis.

I hope he wasn't hit with the triple-whammy of gallstone attack (very painful), and mixing alcohol with a (new?) drug prescription !!!
I checked at monaco Palace official..but didn't find anything..

Hope Prince Ernst is doing better..
I hope he recover soon. That can´t be true, it´s so horrible. My prays are with him and with Caro, she must be suffering a lot these days.
I hope the palace make another comunicate soon
Oh my God it´s reallyt worring, my prays are with him.
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