Princess Caroline & Family on Summer Vacation

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Princess Caroline and Vincent Lindon began their relationship in 1991 - I was living in France at the time and I remember the press was speculating about the nature of their relationship as early as March/April 1991.

She attended the launch of Pacha with Prince Rainier (and possibly, Albert) in the spring of 93 (if my memory serves me correctly) - I remember a very chic greyish or beige suit and a scarf and she had had her hair cut into that very short bob again.
The Pacha was finished on 1993. Then, Princess Caroline just met Vincent Lindon and they went to l'île de Ré (France) on summer of this year aboard Pacha III

On 1996 Caroline began her love story with prince Ernst August

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Thank you very much, Celiarmelle. Are there any pics of those days?
Big thanks everyone for the information and for the beautiful pic !!!;) I think it's a traddition in the family to buy a boat and give it the name of the children because Pr Rainier and Pr Grace had bought too a boat what the name was stalca (stephanie albert and caroline ).......:rolleyes:
I really love this boat it will be very luxurious in the interiors !!:)

some others pics of charlotte and her familythe boat............:p

Fun fact regarding an old post: Stalca was sold in 2015. Former royal motor yacht Stalca sold | Boat International
Now that the International Jumping of Monte Carlo is over, I think it's time for the summer vacation of Caroline's family. I hope we will see Pacha and its favorite passengers soon:flowers: Among them a new one: baby Stefano:flowers:
At last summer vacation in Pacha again! I see Andrea, Tatiana, Charlotte, Dimitri, Rafael and maybe Beatrice (in pic 7?):flowers:

No. That is not Beatrice. That is (i think) the same blonde girl talking to Rafael & Alexandra at the Intl Jumping de Monaco. The other blonde (in a swimsuit) is Mona Walravens -- girlfriend of Andrea Stefanowickz Sabrier (the guy Andrea was talking to at the back of the boat, very close friend of the casiraghis and the Santo Domingo siblings)
There' s no news about Caroline's vacation this summer:bang:
I 've missed her aboard Pacha.....
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Are there any news from today, Sunday, 16 July?
Such a nice couple that Charlotte and Dmitri make! And is nice that he is also looking after her child. I think that his daughter is mostly with the mother, and, who knows, maybe she does not want Charlotte to look after her sometimes? Never know, what restrictions ex couples have sometimes :/

I really like this picture:
and their outfits!
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The outfits + Charlotte's earrings and sunglasses. I need those sunnies in my life.
ICAM about the sunnies and Charlotte's overall look. Gorgeous...the "old" Charlotte seems to be slowly re- emerging after a 3-4 year hiatus.
The rest of the people we talk about on these forums can have their titles and their lineages but they'll never have the beauty and effortless cool of the Casiraghis... :cool:;)
Last year it was Lamberto and the end of this love affair.
This year Dimitri who seems to adore Raphael....seen on pictures!!. I wonder what his Mother the great french Actress Carole Bouquet is thinking about his son loosing her ever his privacy.
The rest of the people we talk about on these forums can have their titles and their lineages but they'll never have the beauty and effortless cool of the Casiraghis... :cool:;)

I am in complete, 100% agreement. When I want my fix of glamour, beauty, aristocracy and high chic this is the first thread I turn to !;)
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