Princess Caroline & Family Current Events Part 5 : Feb.2008 - Feb.2010

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Maybe the international press is not that interested anymore in her, they focus more on her children and Albert & Charlene.
In this video is a part of an interview with Caroline, but right before that part, there is a bit of her at a Lanvin show.
But I didn't find pictures of it anywhere.
Okay, so here are the scans of this weeks BUNTE (the pics of Princess Caroline hugging Charlene). I think now everyone can see the hug ;). I know there are some that think that this is so fake and planned and that it is just for Charlene's publicity, but do you really think Princess Caroline would do that? I don't. There are no pics of her and Princess Stephanie like that, that would proof that they have a normal sister-relationship. And I'm also sure that she would never fake paparazzi pics, she's suing everyone that publishes pics like that.

Well here they are:

Scan 1
Scan 2

Yeah, I agree with you here. It doesn't seem likely Caroline would play for the media. You make a good point: she does not have a history of doing it. Generally speaking, I have found her expressions in public to be natural. If she is displeased, she generally shows it rather than trying to fake being impressed. When she is pleased, her face lights up in a way that, for me, reads genuine. I believe that if she didn't like Charlene, she would not have invited her brother and Charlene to come to Zurs as a couple. It is Caroline's holiday, for her family, and it's quite obvious, to me, that Caroline made a special effort to include Albert and Charlene. Maybe she once had problems with Charlene, but the fact that, here, she made an effort to be open hearted to Charlene, shows that she tries to respect her family unconditionally.
I apologize if this has been posted before and more especially responded...

in the photo's of the National Day Celebrations, Princess Caroline (to me) look rejuvenated. Did she have some plastic surgery done?
To hrhcp, I thought she looked good on most of those pictures but then again around the jowls and neck in some pictures she really shows her age. I really don't think she has had any work done to her face. Not yet anyway.
Neither she nor Princess Stephanie strike me as the type that would have "work" done - their mother didn't, she aged naturally, and gracefully. In the US, she received a lot of criticism for putting on weight, and looking dowdy and matronly, instead of like the starlett she was famous for. Caroline and Stephanie have maintained wonderful figures, but they are aging naturally (Stephanie a little faster due to too much sun exposure). Since they haven't already had work done (including botox), I doubt they will.
I hope they remain Grace Kelly-like in their views on plastic surgery vs the opposite route obviously taken by their cousin Elisabeth De Massy.
Let's be honest... both sisters could use some light, discreteand wise " work " done...
Lets get back on topic which are the current events of Caroline and Family. No speculative posts about plastic surgery ....thank you!
Princess Caroline shopping with Charlotte and Alexandra in France, December 24th
Pic1** Pic2 ** Pic3 **Pic4

source: celebrity baby scoops
thanks to jessi k75 from tfs
Thanks a lot for sharing these nice pre-christmas pics! :flowers:
Cute to see Alexandra with the fancy paper ready to pack in
some little presents for her parents and sibblings :) But I
wonder if they noticed the paparazzi and got angry about their
presence. In the last pic both Caroline and Alexandra have that
annoyed look on their faces only paparazzis can provoke ;)
Thanks for pictures. I like Charlottes outfit very much. Simple but she looks great.
glad to see them together, even if Caroline and Charlotte are less than happy to see the papz taking their pictures.
nice to see new pics, but I don't like Charlotte's outfit at all, it's so whatever... ugly coat ruins it I think...
Pics 24.12.2008

Here are some more pics of the family - Princess Caroline, Prince
Ernst August, Princess Alexandra, Charlotte, Pierre and Andrea
in Saint-Rémy, France, on Decemer 24, 2008.

The first one of Alexandra is really funny :)

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **
Nice to see they are all together for Christmas. :)

Thanks for the pics iceflower:flowers:
I LOVE, love, :ROFLMAO: love that pic of Alex taking a pic of the 'razzi!!! She's learning, early, to turn the tables on them! I'm also :) happy to see that they were together as a family for the holidays.
Does anybody know where Princess Caroline and her family spent the New Year, and how cold was it???
I live in NZ:nzflag:and we are in the middle of our summer, so Xmas and New Year would be spent a little different I think...any comments would be appreciated...thanx:flowers:
Alexandra is such a HAM!what a personality,so different from Charlotte.She really has the quirky German look to her,cutie!
They're awful, Pamk! They're ugly, they look mean, they're the kind of men i wouldn't want around my daughters... They' re a sad reminder that people like Royals, are funny to talk about and discuss in these threads just for fun, pretending the're just people like us: nice, good, working people like us, when actually they're not. They're regal entities, living in a regal world, so distant from us, poor inferior souls... I don't really known for sure if i ever want come come across one of them!
They're awful, Pamk! They're ugly, they look mean, they're the kind of men i wouldn't want around my daughters...

You're right. But they're exactly the guys I would want to protect my daughters from kidnappers and worse. Depending upon the profile of the family, there are people around that would want to hurt or kill members of the family...including innocents like children.
Pics 18.2.2009

Here are the first pics of the family's annual winter holidays:

Princess Caroline, Princess Alexandra and Prince Ernst August
enjoying their skiing holidays in Zurs, Austria, February 18, 2009.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Thanks, iceflower, for the pictures. Prince Ernst always looks his best when practicing some outdoorsy sport. In this photograph, he looks content, young, mellow, at peace. A real pleasure. The picture of Caroline and cute Alexandra in a "mother and daughter" moment is quite uplifting too.
Here are the first pics of the family's annual winter holidays:

Princess Caroline, Princess Alexandra and Prince Ernst August
enjoying their skiing holidays in Zurs, Austria, February 18, 2009.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

Weren't the Casiraghis wiht them in Zurs this year?!? This is usually a vacation they spent al together... :ohmy:
Thanks - Everyone looks great! Alex, so big!!
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