Princess Birgitta and Family, Current Events Part 1: December 2002 -

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Like in many years before, princess Birgitta will play tomorrow at the annual charity golf event Barngolfen at the Hills Golf & Sports Club in Mölndalen. The tournament is played in benefit of The Queen Silvia's Children´s Hospital.
Princess Birgitta was seen today mingling at the Elite Park Avenue Hotel in Gothenburg with the people attending at Barngolfen.
Princess Birgitta plays today at the annual charity golf event Barngolfen at the Hills Golf & Sports Club in Mölndalen. She is the patron of Barngolfen. The tournament is played in benefit of The Queen Silvia's Children's Hospital. The first tournament was played in May 2006. Every year there are celebrities and professional golf players attending. Every year the money has been raised to The Queen Silvia's Children's Hospital. In addition to the golf tournament, there has been an auction in internet. And in the evening at the tournament banquet there is an auction and all the money from these auctions goes to the Children's Hospital.
The funds raised during Barngolfen in 2016 will go to New Queen Silvia Children's Hospital which is currently being built. When it is ready by 2020, it will be one of the most modern Children's Hospitals.

The tournament started at 09.30 and ended at 17.00.

All the players at a group photo
Short video

Birgitta with Johan Edfors, a professional golfer.
Soon playing
Birgitta at the range
After the tournament

In the evening at the banquet
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While Birgitta and the others were playing golf, the children from the hospital tested golf and chatted with celebrities.

This year's result from Barngolfen was 2,579,000 SEK but Ernst Rosén, one of the sponsors, donated a big sum and the result ended up on 3,5 million!

We will see how many years Birgitta will still play at Barngolfen, she has her 80th birthday on next January. One of the celebrities golfing at the event often is singer Lill-Babs (Barbro Svensson), 78 years.
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:previous:Thanks for the updates! It's wonderful the fundraising was so successful.

The first couple of posts on this page about Princess Birgitta piqued my curiosity, particularly the 'jealous' comment. I read the previous pages but can't judge her too harshly since I don't know the full context. Certainly, a poor choice of words but who hasn't been jealous? Was there a longer explanation in the Parnevik program? She should have been more guarded in the interview.

Anyway, it's good she and her siblings remain close despite the distance and their different activities, especially the King's duties. There's much fuss about Birgitta's appearance. Understandably her skin shows prolonged sun exposure but she seems otherwise healthy and active. Not bad for a 79 year old!
Local newspaper Mölndals-Posten about Barngolfen

Celebrity party fixes millions for children
A short distance away stands the duo that perhaps most of all personifies the competition - Barbro "Lill-Babs" Svensson and Princess Birgitta. The latter is the event's special patron, and attends the ninth time.
How much competition devil the princess has in herself?
- Nothing at all. I don't like to compete. But she does!, says Princess Birgitta and points towards Barbro Svensson, who nods affirmatively.
Birgitta and Barbro "Lill-Babs" Svensson
Mölndals-Posten » Kändisfest fixar miljoner åt barnen

Svensk Damtidning has photos "Princess's grueling battle against Lill-Babs"
Prinsessans stenhårda kamp mot Lill-Babs _ Svensk Damtidning

Birgitta and Lill-Babs are friends.
Princess Birgitta seems to have given an interview to a Swedish Magazine- not sure which one. In it she mentions a restaurant La Perla. They have posted an except of the interview and I found some photos of her at the restaurant from the past year on their account as well. I believe the owners are from Sweden.

Her gown worn to the King's Birthday Banquet comes from a brand from Mallorca, Marie Marieé.

A nice surprise for the other shoppers!

I'm sure I read somewhere that Princess Birgitta finds the shops in Majorca a little limited for the clothes she wants to buy.
The XXV edition of the traditional Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Birgitta de Suecia Golf Competition is played at the Golf Santa Ponsa in Mallorca from 8th to 10th September. 140 golfers play at the competition.
Program of the event, on 7th September was a Cocktail Party hosted by/at Hotel Pure Salt Port Adriano.

Yesterday, on 1st competition day, in the evening was Cocktail Party at Santa Ponsa I Restaurant, hosted by Sures, Freixenet and Estudi Garrit Arts Plàstiques.
Princess Birgitta yesterday evening

Birgitta on Friday
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Princess Birgitta has her 80th birthday on 19th January. Dana Press Photo has a gallery of her life.
Prinzessin Birgitta - Ein Leben in Bildern

Svensk Damtidning has called Birgitta about her Christmas, her first Christmas as a widow.
Birgitta, who is resident in Mallorca since almost 40 years, has in all the years gone to Munich to celebrate Christmas with Hansi, the three children and five grandchildren, but not this year.
- They come here on now Thursday. Since my husband is there no more, the children and I felt better doing something else, says Princess Birgitta.
Too much memories home in Germany?
- Right!
However, only her sons, Prince Carl Christian and Prince Hubertus with wives and children are coming. Birgitta's daughter, Princess Désirée has instead flown to Bora Bora in French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean for diving.
- I get a little worried about her, says Birgitta, who is a real mother hen.
She continues:
- Sure, they're adults now, but your children are always your children.
Prinsessan Birgitta till Svensk Damtidning_ Så ska jag fira jul _ Svensk Damtidning
Princess Birgitta celebrates her 80th birthday on 19th January, and she will celebrate it in Sweden, according to Expressen.
Her siblings are busy with planning for the big day - which among other things will include a grand party at Drottningholm Palace for almost hundred people.
But even more secret features are planned according to Expressen's information.
- Princess Birgitta turns 80 and it will be celebrated privately. It's a dinner that is celebrated with the royal family and relatives and friends, says Margareta Thorgren.
According information told to Expressen, the beloved artists Lill-Babs and Lill Lindfors will perform at the event held for the princess.
- It is a relatively small dinner, there are perhaps 80 people, somewhere there. Both my husband and I are invited to the dinner, says Lill Lindfors and says she thinks the princess knows who are coming to the dinner.
Lill-Babs och Lill Lindfors på prinsessan Birgittas fest _ Kungligt _ Expressen
Princess Birgitta has spoken about her 80th birthday party to Expressen.
- It is I who has invited and selected guests, says Princess Birgitta.
According to Expressen's information there are about 80 guests who received the coveted invitation in the mail.
- It feels great to meet everyone. It will be people closest to me. I'm not in Sweden so often, says Birgitta.
Several members of the royal family have told that they will come to the party, also another one of the four "Haga princesses" - Princess Christina.
- She'll be with! She has promised me. This is a private event, so she's going to attend, says Birgitta who is noticeably pleased to meet her sister when she is finally in Sweden.
Princess Christina has blood cancer and is still undergoing treatment.
- She is sick but feeling good. It is as it is, says Birgitta.
Birgitta looks forward to celebrate her 80th birthday.
- It feels great! I'm feeling so damn good, it should everyone know. I keep going on.
Princess Birgitta has golf as her great passion in life. She has Santa Ponsa in Mallorca as her home club and even has her own golf tournament named after her.
- It makes me feel very good to be out and play golf. It's a great sport.
Prinsessan Christina trotsar sjukdomen på Birgittas fest _ Kungligt _ Expressen
Princess Birgitta gave an interview to Svensk Damtidning before Christmas. Reporter Anna von Koch met Birgitta at the Golf Club Santa Ponsa, where Birgitta plays four hours a day.
She was relaxed, talkative and happy and didn't want to be called princess.
In the interview, which can be read at this week's issue of Svensk Damtidning, Birgitta deals generously stories from her rich life, full of both bright and dark moments. A life that has offered great love, great children and grandchildren - but also sorrow for her father, Prince Gustaf Adolf, and a grandchild who lived only three days.
Exklusivt för Svensk Damtidning! Stor intervju med prinsessan Birgitta _ Svensk Damtidning
According to Svensk Damtidning, the king hosts princess Birgitta's 80th birthday party at Drottningholm Palace on 19th January. It will be a black tie party and crown princess Victoria is very much involved in the planning, she is close to her aunt. At her interview in SD Birgitta said that she didn't want to speak about her birthday party, but she is very grateful that she is so healthy.

Svensk Damtidning has parts of the long interview with princess Birgitta at their website.
Princess Birgitta about the illness of her sister princess Christina:
- Yes, it's sad. I often talk with her and she feels pretty good actually. She is tough, says Princess Birgitta.
How do you support her?
- We talk. I'm trying to show that I'm there for her and send over some thoughts occasionally. More can not be done.
Prinsessan Birgitta_ Så stöttar jag Christina i kampen mot cancern _ Svensk Damtidning

Princess Birgitta about the death of her grandson Lennart:
- The worst thing I experienced besides my father's death was when my little grandson Lennart died. He was only three days old. Everything was wrong with him and we had just enough time to baptize him. To stand there and watch your children suffer, it was the worst I have experienced. My son…
Birgitta's voice cracks and her blue eyes fill with tears. She can't tell more about the event, when Svensk Damtidning met her for an exclusive interview in Mallorca.
The baby prince Lennart died in January 2001, but thanks to an adoption in Germany Birgitta's son, Prince Hubertus and his wife, Princess Ute Maria, became parents of a little girl just over seven years ago. Her name is Princess Vivianne.
- It has not been easy for them, but they are brave and I admire them, says Birgitta.
Prinsessan Birgitta om sorgen_ Det värsta jag varit med om var när mitt barnbarn dog _ Svensk Damtidning
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More about princess Birgitta's interview at Svensk Damtidning:
Princess Birgitta and her husband Hansi, Prince Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern fell in love at a cocktail party in Munich summer 1959.
They married less than two years later and got children, Prince Carl Christian, 54, Princess Désirée, 53, and Prince Hubertus, 50, and eventually also five grandchildren.
But the marriage was often a disappointment. Hansi had his art and worked a lot and she was often left alone with children in Munich. Birgitta loved to play sports, but Hansi didn't understand that.
- He said often, "you are doing your stupid sports". It was sad to hear because sport is the best there is for young people. I was probably happiest when I was newly married and had my first child. It was luck, said Birgitta.
It sounds like you were very different?
- We were so totally different, but you don't know that when you fall in love.
Couldn't you get a divorce?
- No, we did not want to get a divorce. There was no question about it. It was more practical, and everyone was feeling good. The kids felt good.
Hansi and Birgitta remained married and were really close. But she had her life in Mallorca and he had his in Munich. She was at his side when he passed away in March last year.
Prinsessan Birgitta avslöjar_ Därför ville jag inte skiljas _ Svensk Damtidning
More from Birgitta's interview at Svensk Damtidning, there was a charming man from Italy in her life too.

Princess Birgitta and Hansi, Prince Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern, fell quickly in love at a cocktail party in Munich in summer 1959, where she was on a language trip with her friend Cathy Hägglöf.
- I fell in love at first glance and after three weeks I knew I would marry him. When I came home to Sweden nanny Nenne and my sister Désirée were waiting for me. They looked at me and said they thought I was a little weird. Then I picked up a photograph I received from Hansi and said, "I must marry this man." He had not asked or anything, but I just knew it, Birgitta tells.
But during the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960, Birgitta met a charming Italian. He courted the Birgitta and gave her his signet ring as a token of their love.
- It was a love of three days, and he was the man of my dreams, says Birgitta, smiling.
When Birgitta returned to Stockholm Hansi was there on a visit and saw the ring and became madly jealous.
- He took the ring off my finger and just threw it away. Then he proposed at the kitchen entrance of the Palace. It was a miserable place to propose, Birgitta laughs.
Birgitta and Hansi published their engagement on 15th December 1960 and married twice in the spring of 1961. First at a civil ceremony in the Hall of State at the Royal Palace, on 25th May and then the church of Sigmaring Castle on 30th May.
For the first time Birgitta tells what happened to the charming Italian.
- He was murdered.
Prinsessan Birgitta_ Min dröm-man blev mördad _ Svensk Damtidning

Scans, Birgitta's interview at Svensk Damtidning
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Still some things from Birgitta's interview at Svensk Damtidning
Birgitta tells that her mother had a miscarriage after princess Margaretha was born. Birgitta was born in 1937 and Désirée in 1938, and they grew up like twins. Birgitta and Désiree are close, and Désirée bought an apartment at the house Birgitta lives, nowadays it is mostly Désirée's children who stay there when they are in Mallorca.
Birgitta tells that her father was great with children, played with them a lot. Birgitta tells that the children were not allowed to talk about their father after his death. Princes Sibylla didn't want to know anything about that. Birgitta says that it was Sibylla's way to mourn, but it wasn't right for her children. They have understood that only as adults. Birgitta says that her father is her idol. She has got her interest in sports from him.
Birgitta has a beautiful silver cross around her neck. She says that she prays or thanks God every morning. She says that her husband was catholic and that the only fight they had in their marriage was about religion. Birgitta says that she doen't need to go to a church to be a Christian. For her God is everywhere, in every leaf, every blade of grass. But her husband couldn't understand that.
Birgitta fell in love with Mallorca when she was invited there by her friend Olga Lallerstedt. She has been there for almost 40 years now. Birgitta says that twelve years ago her husband wanted to move to Munich and Birgitta chose to stay in Mallorca. She can't live without nature. Hansi didn't like either warmth or sun. So that was it.
Birgitta loves to play golf. She was in Hongkong, and in the spring she goes to South Africa. But before that Birgitta comes to Sweden to celebrate her 80th birthday, the king hosts a party for her at Drotthingholm Palace. Birgitta jokes that she is a little afraid what the king has planned, he is such a teaser. Birgitta and her family stay at the Royal Palae, at the right wing where she lives as a child. The apartment with twelve rooms is renovated, but there is still written "Margaretha", "Birgitta", "Désirée", "Christina" and "Carl Gustaf" at the doors. It's a little like the time has stood still.
Birgitta says also that she loves her life. It couldn't be better. She thinks that what keeps her going on is that she is happy and positive and has nice friends around her.
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